Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's almost that time again

No not Christmas but time to plan a birthday party for my child. I am not looking forward to it, not because I don't want a bunch of kids at my house (couldn't anyways house is to small) but there is nothing really here for the kids to do. I remember growing up in CA and going to Chuck E. Cheese for birthday parties and than roller skating or something like that. But there is nothing really here in town I mean there is one fast food place in the whole town, there is a Dairy Queen but it closes for the winter. The next best thing would be to go to the next town over and do something there but it's a 45 min. drive and I hate to ask anyone to do that. But what I am thinking of doing is driving out to this place that is a pick your own garden about 20 minutes outside of town to let the kids pick pumpkins and stuff. We've done it before and Savie had a lot of fun. Hopefully none of the kids are allergic to anything out there since it's the last day of the season and they will be closed when her birthday rolls around. so i am stuck trying to think of something to do in the cold weather that will keep the kids entertained.