Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just a little insight.

I guess not working for so long has let me forget just what people think when they re customers. This guy and this lady are the reason I hate customers. They are the reason that waiters spit in the food and other people pee in the coffee. They really should have thought about what they are doing and saying before they open their mouths.

Menu plan for 4/29-5/5

Here's the plan for the week, hopefully we can stick to it.

Sun: Pasta with bread and veggies
Mon: Pork chops
Tues: Leftovers
Wed: leftovrs
Thurs: Chicken Mozzalra with pasta and veggies
Sat: Mexican night

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Opening Day

Today was opening day for the Farmer's Market (so be prepared for a lot of Saturday post about it). It was also Earth Day, at least here. There was a big Earth Day celebration going on. There was a jumper for the kids but Savie didn't want it to go in. So we walked around some more and saw some of the usual for Farmer's Market. It was really nice. I can't wait for next week so we can buy some of the regular stuff. Well I'm tired and a little annoyed so that's it for tonight.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

This is weird

It's Thursday afternoon/evening and Savie is with hubby and what am I doing?? Nothing, absolutly nothing. This just feels weird. I don't know what to do with myself. I can't work on my crochet project (it's done and I'm waiting for my new yarn to get here), there's nothing on TV I want to watch, and it's to late to workout (for me anyways) So what am I going to do??? Haven't a clue.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What is she thinking?

Last week a new mom showed up for Story Hour, I've seen her once before but that was a couple of months ago so I don't really remember her name. Well she was talking to another mom about SAHM and working moms and how it wrong for working moms to tell SAHM that they are stupid for no working, blah blah blah. She was loud about it and seemed to want to make sure that all of us heard what she had to say. Well needless to say she rubbed me the wrong way. Well she was there Tues as well and seemed to have an opinion about everything that people said. There were only 3 of us there and not all of the conversations were directed towards her. Savie and PJ were being loud and wanted to run around so I took them in the other room so they could without a chance of one of them falling on the 2 babies that were there, hers and a nanny who both have 8 month olds. I even closed the door so they could be loud without disturbing the rest of the library. What does she do???? She comes in and sits down in the middle of the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello?!?!?!? did you not get the hint?? I took the kids out of the room so you wouldn't be in the way and what do you do?? You put yourself in the way. We read one story and then it was time fr the musicians. They sung a bunch of songs about animals and when we got to 'Old McDonald' she made a comment about knowing a version that's not very kid friendly or animal friendly. Why would you say that??? Why bring it up if you can't sing it in front of 2yr????
I don't understand this woman. She had a comment for everything and everyone. Maybe I'm missing something but I think she's reaching for something.

Tackle It Tusday

I know it's already the middle of the week but I did make my menu plan for the week yesterday, as part of my Tackle Tuesday. I actually have this week and next week's menu. Here's what left for this week.

Wed: leftovers
Thurs: chicken, potatoes, an veggies
Fri: leftovers
Sat: Tuna casserole

This will more than likely change since we went out to dinner last night eve though I had dinner in the oven.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I need a new car~update

Someone somewhere was listening to me rant about my car. Hubby told me today that after we work out something for a house, I'll explain that later, I can get a car and not just some old beat up car for like $1,000.00 no he said something for maybe around $5-$6,000.00!!!! I was shocked to hear this, I almost hit a tree (we were driving when he told me this). I would love to have a new-er car. I don't really need a 2007-8 but a 2000 would be nice. You have no idea how happy this makes me since we paid $1,100.00 for this stupid car and then put in over $4,000.00 in it in the past 2yrs. It's crazy, let me tell you why we had to sped that $$ on it.

About 2 months after we bought the Suburban, which I have named Betty, when we went up to Phoenix for a photo shoot for Savie and then decided to drive up to Prescott to visit some friends. About 2 hrs from Prescott there was all this smoke and Betty was pulling really hard up a hill and then she just went dead. We called AAA to get a tow and then found out that the transmission went out!!! And had no choice but to have Aamco put in a new one. That one day trip cost up about $4,000.00 that's the transmission and rental car.
The next time we needed to do work on the transmission was about a year later, it went out again but this time it was still under warranty so it didn't cost anything but the rental car for a week.

Fix #3~ we made a road trip to Idaho for Labor day and took a friend with us. While we were in St. Maries, hubby's hometown we put in a new radiator, the size it should have been which was 4x bigger than the one that was in it (that's why it took us so long to get from AZ to ID).

Fix #4~took another road trip to CA for business for hubby. On our way home, can you guess what I am going to say??? That's right it was the transmission again. So another call to AAA and Aamco. It took about a week for them to fix the problem, we were stuck in some little town in CA in the mts in the winter when we had only packed for a week. I was pissed. So we were stuck for 2 weeks with no car. So let's see that's a new transmission (under warranty), a hotel room for a 2 weeks, a rental car for 2 days, and a plane ticket to get home and back. Oh wait I forgot we did get Betty back but then on our way to get the trailer that we had, in the city we got stuck in, the transmission went out about 2 hr after we got Betty back that's why we ended up flying back.

I love Betty but she is just a drain on our $$. Hubby says that once I get a car (yeah) Betty will be used mainly for camping, which is great cuz then we don't need a tent when w go, lol. We've already slept in it once so it's not that bad it's actually about the same size as our bed now so it won't be that cramped.
Ok I think I'm done ranting/raving about getting a new car.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


or maybe it's the lack of talking. My daughter is 2 1/2 yrs old and not speaking clearly. I am not worried about her talking, she talks tons. She talks on her play phone, to the dog, to her stuffed animals, to her baby, to u!!!! But for the most part it's not clear, a little garbled like her tongue is swollen or something but I'm not worried. The point is she's talking, clearly or not she's talking. I know that at this age she should be saying at least 20 words clearly, making 2-4 word sentences, blah blah, blah. If she wasn't talking then I would be worried but she's talking and I should be happy with that right? One of the other kids that's about 2 weeks older than Savie is talking clearly but she has no interest in potty training and still wears diapers. But Savie is potty training and some days she does wear regular panties. So I think that it balances out. There are kids that are around Savie's age that are doing things differently. Some are talking better than her while she's potty training or maybe he coordination is better than theirs or they are more willing to share their toys, etc etc it's just a matter of picking and choosing what to be very concerned with.
I got my hair done this past Friday (finally) and of course took Savie with me. I've been to this lady's house before, Ms. Beverly as I call her. Savie was really good, she watched some of the movie Ms. Beverly put on for her, watched me for awhile but even she asked about her talking but when I told her the same thing I tell everyone else, she was happy with it and didn't make that 'oh you poor thing' look. She said at least I was aware of the situation, that a lot of parents miss the chance to help their kids because they are in denial about the situation. At least one person backs me up with my decision.

Friday, April 20, 2007

I need a new car

well, not new but new to me. I have an 83 Chevy Suburban that's diesel. Here's the list of problems with it

  • the passenger windows don't work, which kinda sucks during the summer
  • the heater/cooler doesn't really cool/heat the back seat
  • the cooler in the back of the vehicle doesn't work in my opinion, just makes a lot of noise
  • the glow plugs don't work so I have to spray to start it, every time
  • it has a leak in the transmission line
  • leak in the oil line
  • no washer fluid for the windows
  • can run without the key being in it, but it needs the key to start

Now this is a tough vehicle don't get me wrong but there are days when I can't stand driving it. It's loud and smokey, I can hear it coming from a block away literally, so I know when I go over to other people's house they can hear me coming it's embarrassing. So on any given day I know that people in my neighborhood know when I'm leaving, coming home, etc.

Well yesterday I was leaving to go to work and was backing out of the driveway like always, looking behind me since we live right at the curve of the road and sometimes people fly around it, when all of a sudden I hear creeeeeeaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! The stupid wind blew the gate closed just as I pulled out. I hit the gate.........again. Yes that's right I said again. About 3 months ago I hit the post itself but this time I hit the gate so now you have to pick up the stupid gate to open/close it and what is the damage to the Suburban, nothing much just a dent in the side panel.

But about 5 hrs before that Savie and I went to the grocery store and just after I pulled into the parking lot I have a flat tire, a totally flat tire, not just low, but flat. This is nothing like when I blew the tire in Douglas when I knew I ran over something, no this is just the weirdest feeling something not being right with my tires. I know that having a new car I would probably still have these problems but hopefully not all in the same day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Book #7

The Pursuit of Happyness by Chris Gardner is a great book. Now I really have to see the movie. It's not the book I thought it would be, there's a lot of background to it, but that's a good thing. It took me a little longer to read than I thought it would but I think that's mainly because I was working on a crochet project as well. Now on to one of the two books I have, lol.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Menu's for the week

I am going to try and keep this every week espically with me working nights and everything. Let's see if I can do it

Mon: (working) leftovers
Tues: (not working) Swiss casserole 1, Mashed potatoes and parsnips, with bread
Wed: (not working): Oat & Herb Encrusted Turkey, potatoes and seasoned veggies
Thur: (working) leftovers
Fri: (working) leftovers
Sat: (working) tuna casserole
Sun:still trying to decide about this one.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What kind of parent are you?

I was reading the latest issue of Parents and came across an article about parents, "Totally Rude Parents" and it got me to thinking, what kind of parent am I? Am I one of these parents? And if so which one? And is it right of me to decide which one I am?

I know that I'm not the 'competitive' or 'expert' or 'selfish' mom or 'oblivious' one but am I the 'lax' one or maybe 'the wimpy' one? Am I a lax mom because I don't hover over my child at the library/park/gym? I don't think I'm a wimpy mom I do punish her if she's not behaving in public. I tried to get the article to link but no such luck so check it out and get back to me, let me know "how rude are you?"

Friday, April 13, 2007

50 Book Challenge

Book #7

Red Hat Society's Domestic Goddess by Regina Hale Sutherland. This was another book I got from one of the mommy's from my playgroup. It was good. I was very surprised but I think I've getting pretty close to my limit of books that are out of the ordinary for me, lol.

13 Thursday

  1. which is worse leaving your dog at home or in the car during the rain?
  2. is feeding your dog canned and dry better than than cooking their food yourselves?
  3. is a walk once a day enough?
  4. is it really so bad to let your dog sleep in the bed with you?
  5. why do we let our dogs lick our faces after they lick themselves?
  6. do all little dogs have a "little dog complex" or is that just us?
  7. how long does it take for the dog and owner to look alike?
  8. why do dogs love to ride wiht their heads out the window?
  9. and why do we let them?
  10. why do some people dress up their dogs in clothes?
  11. and why do our dogs let us?
  12. what are people thinking when they name their dog "Sir Ralph snoozer"?
  13. is there really such a think as an ugly puppy?

Ok those are all my questions about dogs................ for now,lol

Thursday, April 12, 2007

13 Thirteen #2

13 Things I love about people while standing in line
  1. Standing in line they like to play with the kids in front of the
  2. They are willing to give them some change to help them out
  3. they have very little patience
  4. wait until the last minute to pull out their wallets
  5. the younger couples fight over who's going to pay
  6. the younger kids always want candy
  7. the kids are just cute
  8. the older ones want to have a conversation with you even though they hold up the line
  9. they think your not listening to their conversations
  10. they don't realize just how loud they are
  11. usually don't pay attention to you (the cashier) when they are in a hurry
  12. want to be in and out 5 minutes ago
  13. there will always be more of them

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

DWTS~ result show

How did Cylde pass?? This is just wrong. That's it.

Monday, April 9, 2007

DWTS~ week 4

ok Joey can really dance!!!! I mean that was a great dance but I have a feeling that Clyde is not going to make it out of this week. He's doing the same thing that Master P did when he was on there, walking thru everything. I understand that there is a height difference and everything but you can at least try and look at your partner. Billy Ray even did great, it was such a difference to go from Clyde's dance to his and see the passion and the effort mainly, in his dance. Leeza looked a little stiff she lost her inner 'tramp' somewhere, lol. Heather's waltz was beautiful and I thought that Ian did a great job on his dance to. I didn't see Laila's dance but who picked that music?? I couldn't get past that, it was annoying to hear such a patriotic song used that way it just didn't seem right. Well I am off to vote.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

It's Easter, hope everyone had fun

Well Easter has come and gone and what do we have to sow for it?? A bunch of colored eggs in the fridge and stickers all over the house. I wish my computer was taking my pictures so I could show you guys what we had. I have been getting a lot of food from our Co-op so hen I saw that they had goose eggs coming for Easter I thought that would be so cool for Savie to have on her first real Easter so I got a few and since I am not, at least I'm trying really hard not to, give her candy I bought stickers to cut up to put in some plastic eggs also for her. My plan was to boil and dye the eggs on Sat. so she could help me and have that whole experience but things just did not work out that way. By the time I got her down for a nap I was ready for one to but I still needed to boil the eggs and Mike was out with his friend so I had no choice but to stay awake and boil the eggs, even though I had to work last night. I told him when he got home that I would take care of the eggs when i got home from work and not worry about it. Besides I forgot to buy vinegar so he couldn't really dye the eggs with her later on anyways (besides I knew he was to tired to do it and I would just have a bigger mess to clean up when I got home)

So I left and went to work hoping that I could buy vinegar at the store and not have to get up early or something. No such luck I couldn't find any in Wal~mart before my shift and the grocery store across the street was packed there was no way that I could get in and buy just the vinegar and get back to the store in 15 min!!!!!! So when I got home at 1am, yes that's right I said 1 am, I dyed the eggs, cut up stickers and then hid everything so when I got up today I could hid them in the backyard. Thankfully I had already told mike the plan so he let me sleep in, which is great seeing as I didn't go to bed until almost 3am.

Well the princess was just a little hyper and I only slept until 7:30 maybe. She was bouncing off the walls and just seemed so ready to go do something so I got dressed, after a couple of sips of coffee, and went outside (on a very windy/cold morning surprisingly) and hid her eggs. Oh did I mention that I had to hide eggs for Mike to? He wanted me to do a dozen eggs besides the goose eggs that I did for Savie so I told him that he needed to find them if I was going to go thru the trouble of boiling them. It was so cute. Savie was so happy/excited to go look for them. I really need to figure out why the computer isn't taking my pictures. As much as I would have liked them to come out better they didn't. She was just moving to fast for me so there are a lot of shots that are from behind or the side of her. But other than that it was a good first Easter for her. She got lots of stickers, did a great job finding all of her eggs, and of course had a lot fun.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


What did I do today? That is a loaded question. I thought I did a lot yesterday but it's only 1:30p now and I've done more today then I did yesterday.
Since hub didn't clean up the spilled apple juice she spilled in the bathroom 2 days ago, which he told me about while I was in the shower, I needed to mop the floor. And since I needed to mop the floor, I might as well mop the kitchen and the hallway. And since I was going to go thru all of that I might as well give Halley a bath (my dog). And since I was giving her a bath then I need to clean the whole bathroom. See what I mean?? A+B+C+D+= a lot of cleaning. Which then got me a little sidetracked from making dinner plans and here's why........

now that I am working I need to get more organized. I need to plan out meals for the week, not just dinner but also lunch so I can get things together ahead of time. I have dinner ready for tonight, lunch for myself for the next couple of days, I have an idea of what they will have for dinner considering that dinner tonight is pretty big so tonight and tomorrow are taken care of. Then I need to think about Friday and Saturday. What to do what to do.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

It's Tuesday and I should be working on the pile of clothes that I have sitting on my bed. I have at least 3 loads there and 2 more out on the line drying. I don't want to do it but I have to work tomorrow night so I guess I better get cracking. Forgive me if don't show pictures but I can't load pictures onto my computer still. I better try and get some of it done while she's still sleeping. I'm hoping that I can get some of it at least folded before she wakes up. She's getting over something, poor baby still has a runny nose and a bad cough, the fever from Sunday is gone and so is his upset stomach no more throwing up at night thank goodness for me). Well I think I hear footsteps in the hall but I will post later when the clothes are done.


Well everything that was in the house is done but there are still 2 loads on the line, they will have to wait until tomorrow since we have no plans tomorrow that should not be a problem. Did everything fine, she's still upset but you would never know it from all the running around she's been doing.

We went and got some of her Easter stuff for her but since we aren't religious and don't go to church and she's not getting any candy there wasn't a whole lot to get her. She has a new basket, some plastic eggs and then tomorrow when I go to work I'm going to buy some stickers and stuff to put in her eggs. I'm not going to pay $3.00 for a sheet of stickers here when I can get 3-5 sheets for $2.00.
Oh yeah I ordered Goose eggs!!!!!!! I can't wait for them to get here. I'm going to go to the Co-op tomorrow and see if they are in, I wanted something different for Easter since this is her first time. Savie and I are going to dye the eggs on Sat., unless something comes up, the goose eggs and then some regular chicken eggs, and then sometime before I go to work (hopefully) I'll put the plastic eggs together and then get up early on Sunday and hide them in the yard. Am I just asking to be hurt or what?? I work until midnight on Sat and then I want to get up early and do all of this, what am I thinking?? Oh well the things we do for our kids. lol

Monday, April 2, 2007


I love this show. I can't dance, well that's not true but that's besides the point, I love to watch other people so and especially celebrities embarrass themselves. Last season I was pulling for Emmett Smith the whole season from week one but this season I don't know who I wan to win so lets run down the list of celebs.

Laila Ali~ great boxer with a kinda deep voice. I saw her dance tonight and she was good. It was a Bond song so I loved it, she was very into her character.

Billy Ray Cyrus~ He's a little stiff but he's trying, you can really see that he's trying it's so cute.

Clyde Drexler~ He's a little stiff to but I think it's the height difference between him and his partner.

Joey Fatone~ ok after being in 'NSYNC guess I expect him to be better then some of the other dancers. But he's been good. I was impressed with his last 2 dances, he's fun to watch.

Shandi Finnessey~ nothing to say her, don't know her and didn't see her dance this week.

Leeza Gibbons~ Old, I love the fact that she flashed everyone on camera!!!!! That was just funny. and I think he was right that Janet is wondering why she got in so much trouble when she did it a few years ago.

Heather Mills~ She was great! I love the fact that she got away with wearing tennis shoes even though Master P got such hell for that.

Apolo Anton Ohno~ He was great!!!!!!!!He may think that he isn't a dancer but he's great.

John Ratzenberger~ Hey it's Norm?? ok had to say that. He's pretty good, just like Jerry last season. I think he's got a couple more weeks in him.

Ian Ziering~ He was cracking me up with the butt shaking thing. He has it n him to get close to the final.

Like I said I can't call a clear favorite just yet so check back if you like the show.

Book #6

A lot of post today, lol

Finished another book today, this was a little quick. Good read. Don't have much more to say about it. "On Tall Pine Lake" by Dorothy Garlock. It's got a little romance, a little mystery.

Holidays and other things

With Easter next week and we just got a card in the mail for Savie from an Auntie, it's got me thinking about this again. How do you tell family members not to send candy to your kids??

We have no family in the state, at least not ones we are talking to, so the only way to stay in touch with them is to call them or send cards. I love this one Aunt, she is very big into scrapbooking and makes her own cards so every card is very personal and i love them. But the down side is she has sent candy in the last 2 cards she has sent to Savie. Valentine's day and now Easter. But she's not the only one, my mother has done it to, so it's not like his side of the family is doing things that I don't like, it's across the board. Do I send them a card back saying thank you for the beautiful card but please don't send candy anymore? Savie would really like to have stickers/books/whatever? How do I do this and be nice about it?

Trying something new today

Picture this, it's a warm spring day, very little wind; aslight breeze really, and you've just finished hanging the laundry on the line and have a 2 1/2yr old (omg is she really that old already?) , what do you do? you grab couple of chairs, some kleenex (she's got a running nose) and your laptop!! That's what we are doing today. Since I don't want to leave the house and it's a nice day outside we are sitting in the backyard enjoying the day. I need to wait for a check to clear and some other stuff so I am going to be working on the laptop for awhile, post a little, read some other blogs, and enjoy the morning even though it's already 11am for me. We jut can't seem to get out of the house before 10, even if it just to hang the clothes up. So for all of those that have the warm weather, and I'm wishing it for everyone, get out there and enjoy it before it gets to be to warm!!!!!

well it didn't last long, about 10 minutes after I posted this the battery on the laptop went dead. Guess we'll have to try again later. lol