Sunday, April 22, 2007


or maybe it's the lack of talking. My daughter is 2 1/2 yrs old and not speaking clearly. I am not worried about her talking, she talks tons. She talks on her play phone, to the dog, to her stuffed animals, to her baby, to u!!!! But for the most part it's not clear, a little garbled like her tongue is swollen or something but I'm not worried. The point is she's talking, clearly or not she's talking. I know that at this age she should be saying at least 20 words clearly, making 2-4 word sentences, blah blah, blah. If she wasn't talking then I would be worried but she's talking and I should be happy with that right? One of the other kids that's about 2 weeks older than Savie is talking clearly but she has no interest in potty training and still wears diapers. But Savie is potty training and some days she does wear regular panties. So I think that it balances out. There are kids that are around Savie's age that are doing things differently. Some are talking better than her while she's potty training or maybe he coordination is better than theirs or they are more willing to share their toys, etc etc it's just a matter of picking and choosing what to be very concerned with.
I got my hair done this past Friday (finally) and of course took Savie with me. I've been to this lady's house before, Ms. Beverly as I call her. Savie was really good, she watched some of the movie Ms. Beverly put on for her, watched me for awhile but even she asked about her talking but when I told her the same thing I tell everyone else, she was happy with it and didn't make that 'oh you poor thing' look. She said at least I was aware of the situation, that a lot of parents miss the chance to help their kids because they are in denial about the situation. At least one person backs me up with my decision.