Monday, April 2, 2007

Trying something new today

Picture this, it's a warm spring day, very little wind; aslight breeze really, and you've just finished hanging the laundry on the line and have a 2 1/2yr old (omg is she really that old already?) , what do you do? you grab couple of chairs, some kleenex (she's got a running nose) and your laptop!! That's what we are doing today. Since I don't want to leave the house and it's a nice day outside we are sitting in the backyard enjoying the day. I need to wait for a check to clear and some other stuff so I am going to be working on the laptop for awhile, post a little, read some other blogs, and enjoy the morning even though it's already 11am for me. We jut can't seem to get out of the house before 10, even if it just to hang the clothes up. So for all of those that have the warm weather, and I'm wishing it for everyone, get out there and enjoy it before it gets to be to warm!!!!!

well it didn't last long, about 10 minutes after I posted this the battery on the laptop went dead. Guess we'll have to try again later. lol