Sunday, July 29, 2007

So I am home alone

I went and got my hair braided today, got up and left the house around 6am this morning, which is really early for me on a Sat, lol. So hubby took Savie to the mountains for the day and she finally got to use her backpack which has a sleeping bag, tent, flashlight, canteen etc. I knew she would be really happy to do it to. Hubby called around 5:30p to tell me that they were flooded in, yes I said in, at the campsite and not to worry about them or try to come get them. Was I worried?? A little but he called and I know where they are so it's not that big of a deal plus they have plenty of food and should be home early tomorrow. So I came home and enjoyed the piece and quiet that is my house tonight.

Friday, July 27, 2007

YUCK GROSS YUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok let me warn you first, if you don't like spiders or creepy crawlies don't read this.

OK this past Sunday Savie and I were having a lazy morning just hanging in bed, hubby was in the mountains (left the day before since I didn't have to work)when my friend Kerri called. I was talking to her on my cell with Savie laying on my right arm, close to the edge of the bed when I looked over saw this crawling over her shoulder and onto her chest. Of course the first thing I did was scream and yank Savie away from it. I dropped the phone and got the thing off of her and ran out of the room. Can you picture that??? this is just gross and it turns out that it was a mini tarantula, true they are not aggressive but still that's a spider on your child, eeeeeeeeeeee. I still have a hard time going to bed at night even though I have had the house sprayed and haven't seen anything in a week. Unless you count the skunk that came in the yard last night, lol.


are just to funny. They are at that age where they are so big and bad, trying to scratch themselves while falling down, making a mess when they eat. They crack me up. I have to get some more video of them playing. The 4 in the video are the oldest and then white one with the spots has already been sold. Savie is having so much fun with them. She was helping feed them when they were on a syringe and then on a bottle and now that they can try and chase her she thinks they are funny until one of them tries to get me or play with me, then she tells them "my mommy", lol.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Has anyoone noticed I'm................

not here? Yes I have not posted anything for quite some time. Part of it has been because I've been working, part is due to my computer, (finally got it fixed ad cleaned), and then part of it is that I was helping a friend from work since she blew her back out and has been having a hard time getting around. then on top of that we found 20 puppies, by 3 different mother's. The oldest one's were born Father's day and that mom was doing an OK job of taking care of them. Here's a picture of some of them.
Can we say ohhhh???

Today we took them outside for playtime and they were just having a ball trying to run around. I have to get the pictures I took of them off my camera today so you guys can see them. They are just adorable.
Ok time for me to go to bed, it's almost 2 am.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007