Sunday, August 31, 2008

A liitle labor day fun

I love doing meme's and since I can do this one I'm going to.

How long were your labors?

One child and it was 3 hours of real labor

How did you know you were in labor?

My dogs told me. Seriously my water didn't brake and the only reference I had was 10x worse then cramps and I have never had cramps in my life, I had no clue until my contractions were less then 5 minutes apart.

Where did you deliver?

At a hospital


I'm told I did have some but my daughter came so fast that I didn't really feel much. Other than the nurse tapping on my hand where an IV was.



Who delivered?

A great midwife. She was really willing to work with me before having to call a doctor in at all. I really wish I could have given her a really big hug. I love her.

If you want to play head over to Shannon's blog and play.

Let's try this again

I didn't get the post I wanted up yesterday so let's try this again, shall we?

This week at school has been really easy. There have been a few incidents but that's what happens when you have a bunch of 3 and 4 yr olds. There have been a few storms this week but nothing major, hubby went to the mountains so that means that we had a "girls night" and made pizza. I have to remember to put that on my list of things to make this winter. It was a lot easier than I was thinking it would be.

Sat was the usual time at the Farmer's Market. For some reason she was just not having a good day. Even though we saw friends that we see at school and other places, she didn't want to play with them. She was very clingy, especially for her. After that we went to the store to get our movies and some more cheese. I don't think I had enough. But I ended up giving an acquaintance and her son a ride. I worry about her. She has such a hard time making the connection to what she is suppose to be doing with him. And I don't just mean "first time mom" stuff, I mean her brain is fried. Her upbringing didn't prepare her for what she needs to be doing with a child but that's another post.

Today was Brewery Gulch Days. Usually there are one or two things for the kids to do, even though it's a fundraiser for our Boys and Girls club. But this years was much better. There was a great little carnival with a jumpy castle, there were games, and easy ones at that. Savie came away with a lot of stuff. And again she was clingy. I don't know what is going on with her. Maybe tomorrow will be better since we don't have school and it will be just the two of us.

How was your weekend?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

my only talk of politics

With all the political talk around I thought I should do this one.

Your Political Profile:

Overall: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Social Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Slow down Sat.

Well it's been a week or so since Ihave done a slow down. But I need to it's beena hectic week. School has been great even though we may lose 2 girls because the church down the street is starting it's preschool next week.

oops, my peace and quiet has been taken away. They are both up now, I'll be back later.

Shh don't tell anyone

It's 6:30am and I am awake and enjoying a cup of coffee......... alone. The first time in a long while that I have been alone at home. Shhh! Don't tell my family.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

For the past week, since Savie and I are sick, I have been letting her stay up (yes I know not a good reason to stay up late) but late for her is 9pm. Usually when we go to school she is ready to fall asleep about an hour after we get home. But I have come up with something that is bound to get her to go to bed.

There are a couple of shows that I record, mostly from PBS or TLC, and that's what we watch at night. If she has been up after hubby goes to bed (which is rare) she gets to watch 2 shows and then it;s off to bed. What i do is put on one new one and then one that we have already seen so she won't want to watch it and want to go to bed. The past couple of times that I have done this she has been wanting to go to bed without me.

I know, not the best way to get my daughter to go to bed but her, it works for me, lol.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Heads Or Tails #4

This weeks H O T is talk. There are a couple of times when I was worried about my daughter and "talking".

I remember when I was waiting for my daughter, who is now almost 4, to talk. She was always a babbling little thing, making nosies and 'talking" to herself but I wanted a 'real" word. You know, I wanted to her "momma" or "dada" those were the words I was hoping to hear. I think she was just over a year old.

Now that she is talking, and doing a lot of it, now other people are saying that there is something wrong with the way she talks. Yes she is a little hard to understand sometimes but what kid at this age is completely understandable? I know that if you take the time to listen to her talk, you can understand her. It's just a matter of having the patience to listen. I know that in a couple of years from now I will be asking her to talk to me and then want her to stop talking all together, lol. But for now I am going to enjoy the talks that we have, especially the silly ones.

Back to the grind

It's Monday again and it's back to school for us. I was a little surprised at how many kids came to school to with runny noses (only 2) but the parents know the rule about runny noses. Once it turns green they are not allowed at school. Today there were 2 with runny noses and one that was getting over dysentery(whatever that is). My question is this, why would you let them come to school when you think they may be sick? One of them I know is just not mentally there as a parent, she just doesn't get it when it comes to taking care of her kid but the other one I think she was just hoping that it wouldn't get worse. The one with dy was up and down all day until early afternoon when we finally just had to call them to get her. She finally fell asleep but was hot and clammy and uncomfortable. I hope she feels better. Myself on the other hand I have to go take some Emergen-C in hopes that I don't get sick again.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Start of school means.......

It's the start of school and that means the start of football season. Tonight we, Savie and I, went to a soap fundraiser scrimmage for the football team. Savie was so excieted about the game, she has aske me several times today if "we go to football game, now?" It was just to cute. We went, a little late as usual, but we made it none the less. Next week is "The Pick" a long standing game between us and Douglas. This year it is in Douglas so I will be taking a trip to DOuglas for the game. I missed it last year because I was working but that is not the case this year. So be prepared for some football talk this year. I hope that i don't bore anyone wiht it but it's fun for me.

How do I stack up?

I think this is pretty fair, lol.

What's Your Discipline Style?

Logical Legislator
You believe that the punishment ought to fit the crime. Logical consequences teach children that they are responsible for their actions, and that every action evokes a reaction. If your child doesn't do her homework, then TV time will have to be used to complete it. Just make sure you use careful judgment in deciding on logical consequences. Forbidding your child to come home after she misses curfew might seem somehow "logical," but it wouldn't be morally responsible.

Take the quiz: What's Your Discipline Style?

More Quizzes from

What are you?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A slow day for me

I picked up my car today!!!!! I was so happy (can you see me jumping for joy? lol) I was finally able to take that yucky car back, not that it was really bad or anything but it's a car not an SUV. So since I was in town I thought I might as well hit CVS and stock up on Kleenex since it was on sale for $.88 a box. I don't CVS very often, mainly because it's usually stuff I don't need or buy (ie makeup, baby products) but I think I did pretty good.

8 Puffs Basic Kleenex @ $1.69 each= $13.42
on sale for $.88 = $7.02 Savings $6.48
CVS toothbrush 1@ 2/$3.00 = $1.50
receipt coupon = $1.50 Savings $1.99
Puffs Kleenex = $2.29

Total amount paid $10.06 amount saved $8.47

Not bad, huh?

So I don't know if I have mention this or not but Savie is learning to spell words. We do it at school and she has really gotten into watching WordWorld. It's a good show, I like it and it works. Well while we were out I wasn't paying a lot of attention to what Savie was doing while she was in the shopping cart. If you've ever seen the show you know about "build a word" well she was sitting in the cart and saying letters but I wasn't listening until I saw what she was doing. It was so cute. I told her she didn't have the right letters to make a "pool" for her puppy so we needed to find them in the store. We found the letters (she picked letters off of clothes hanging on the rack, lol) and "built a word" in the shopping cart. It was so cute I wish I had video of it. But then about 15 minutes later she got me really good. Busted my lip and made me bleed. It went from a great moment to a bad one. Oh well at least the swelling has gone down. So what did you do today?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm sick......

again and I want to say that it's just my allergies going craz but i think it's just a cold. So Savie and I are home from school until Monday when we are both feeling better. My throat is sore, my nose is stufferd up and I am tired and you know what I am doing at 11:30 at night?? Sneaking into the fridge for watermelon. Weird, huh?

So since I am home and will be able to get on the computer do you know what else I am doing? Going thru my blogreader. I had 122 posts to read this morning and right now I am down to 75. And I have barely posted myself!!!!! Well let me go toe bed so I can be somewhat ok tomorrow.

13 Thursday

I haven't done these in awhile but having a rental car has given me some good fodder for my blog, lol

13 Things I don't like about my rental car

  1. It's not my car
  2. It's a car and not an SUV
  3. It's sits to low to the ground
  4. I can't see out the back windows or sides for that matter, and there are a lot of blind spots
  5. It has daytime running lights which is just weird to me
  6. Savie can open the doors, inside and out
  7. I way the doors are the passenger door looks open to me
  8. I have no trunk space
  9. Halley can't fit in it
  10. It's not my SUV
  11. It's black, not a great thing for the desert
  12. I have to unlock the driver's to unlock the whole car
  13. It's not my car

Can you tell that I miss my car?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #20

This weeks prompt is Observation. This is what I have observed all day.

  • Savie waking me up to get her something to drink (even though daddy was in the living room with her)
  • Savie falling back to sleep
  • Savie coughing on the couch
  • The turtle trying to escape down the hall
  • taking the turtle swimming
  • Savie throwing up on the couch
  • Seeing her trying to get comfortable on the couch
This has just been a hard day for her, my poor baby is sick (again) but at least it's on the weekend and I don't have to worry about trying to get out of work and getting her from school.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

ABC Wednesday

It's Wednesday so let's work on our ABC's. This weeks letter is D....

Dis, my baby, Halley. Sorry for the graphic pictures.



(yes they are both asleep)

Well that is all I can come up with mainly because it's late and I had forgotten about it, but head over to the new ABC Wedesnday blog and see what other things people have come up with.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday


Water. Yes I know it's the end of summer and we are all thinking about going back t school but what is working for me right now is water. You know you use it when it gets down ti the bottom of the bottle of soap/shampoo/laundry soap/etc. I don't know why I never used it before but this is common practice at school. The bottle that the kids used it watered down, not a whole lot but enough to make a big bottle of Ivory soap last a long time. So what am I doing at home about it?? I have added a lot of water, not to much, to my hand soap in the bathroom and the kitchen. It's also cut down on how much water we use to wash our hands.

Normally I would add a link to Shannon's blog but WFMW is on vacation and this is just for me.

Wordless Wednesday #16

Rainbow before the storm


Sunday, August 10, 2008

I AM SO PROUD OF HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to yell but I am so proud of Savie.

Last night was our fashion show. I don't think I mentioned it all this week. Deb, the tie dye lady, and a couple of other people were having a fashion show last night to benefit the local animal shelter. It was great. We each had 3 outfits to wear and I think there were 9 of us all together, with 3 of them couples. We had a pretty simple thing to do, walk out show the clothes, then walk down the stairs, walk around the room, and then back up. We had 2 rehearsal where Savie was very clingy and not wanting to walk down the stairs even though it was only us there. I was really hoping that she would be ok for the show and not crabby, but there is also the fact that we did it at 6pm after being in school all day. I made sure she got a nap even though it wasn't as long a nap as I wanted, but she really needed it since the show was at night, 7pm to be exact.

But she did so great. We had her new teddy bear and BeBe with us, I put ribbons in her hair to match her outfits and we had so much fun. She did a great job, she walked out, stood, down the stairs, and around the room. She even used the flash light to show her purse and bracelet off. I can't wait for the pictures. I just wish that hubby had been there to see the whole thing but SAM was there and she liked it. The people that were there, I think there were about 20 of them, said that she did such a great job for her first time and her age.I can't wait for next year. Maybe I should have let her be in the pageant this year, lol.

As soon as I have pictures I will be posting them so please, check back for them ok?

School is here

So school as officially started, actually it started on the 6th for us here.I have been looking around for lunch bags and bottles or Savie to take. I was over at THF and saw some really cute bags. I have a couple of bags already but once I pick a different bag and bottle, they old ones will go to the thrift store. I don't have yard sales so that is what I will have to do with them. I have also been looking for water bottles for her since she still chews on things and the two water bottles she has now have been chewed on so bad that they don't seal like the should. I am leaning towards a SIGG bottle but everyone is out of them since there was such a big rush on them.

For myself, I am working 3 days a week and still need to sign up for my classes. I have just been so not aware of what is going on that I am behind on this. I have a few things to do now that school is back in session, what about you? When does school start for your kids? Are you ready?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I miss him

Now this is something that I don't say very often but I miss hubby. I love when he goes out of town, the house is a little cleaner, things are left where I left them, don't have to turn lights off after him, lol. But at night is when I miss him. Not because I want to cuddle with him or anything or the conversations that we have but because it makes me feel safer having him here. My neighborhood is a little out there, my neighbors are close but they don't seem to hear anything (maybe it's because they have their music up so loud all the time) so they don't really make me feel safe. This neighborhood is just so quiet but it also has a high illegal group coming thru here. And after the whole thing with Halley I really don't want to be outside or have anything to do with the outdoors after dark.

And I'm not the only one. Savie has been very clingy today. Usually she is ok but today was just hard. I was suppose to have only one kid, N, after noon today but there was a change in plans and I have 2 which made my afternoon a little hard and Savie was just tired. There were a lot of tears this afternoon and I will be very happy when daddy gets here tomorrow. I just might have him come get her from school (after he takes a shower). I can't wait.

Oh and I also needed him to kill the big scorpion that was in the bathroom.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #15

What is wrong with this picture?


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Heads Or Tails#3

or H O T as some of the others call it. I like this weeks prompt, Manners, it's a good thought.

I don't think that a lot people think about the manner in how they say things. Yes in the media we see all manners of things, good and bad, but it is not just that. It's how we see ourselves and how we treat other people. We need to stop for a minute and think about what we are doing, not just on the big scale f things but also on the small scale. How are we treating our neighbors? The older couple that lives 3 door down? the stray cat that shows up every now and then? Have we taught our kids to be nice? To treat people with respect?

Thinking about taking the time in how we treat being, using our manners, this is something that I feel is very important, regardless of the age. My husband, at the age of almost 60, doesn't think at all about trying to get around me without saying "Excuse me"? I tell the kids all the time at school "to use their manners" to say "excuse me" before walking in front of people, reaching in front of people, etc.

It's also about the manner in how you carry yourself. Are you confident? Are you brave? Myself personally I am not. Yes I am confident, that I have raised my daughter to be a good person (but that struggle is only beginning), that my husband loves me, that I will find something fulfilling in my life.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Scribblings

This weeks prompt is "Do I have to?"

Something I hear a lot of at home and at work.
"Do I have to pick up those toys?" (even though they took them out)
"Do I have to sit at the table to eat?"

Some of my other favorites are
Do I have to wash dishes tonight? Do I have to feed Halley? Do I have to get gas today? Do I have to pay that bill right now?

I wish I had more but that's all I have tonight. My mind is a little off since I have a major storm blowing in right now.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Slow down Sat

I did this the other week but I am going to try and do this every week. I need to do this every week. I need to take the time to slow down, sit down, and think about what I've been doing. It's hard to do since I work all week but, for my own sanity, I need to do this.

This has been a good week. Savie and I took Halley in on Monday to see about her drains and stitches. She got all 8 of her drains out then. I know she is feeling better, she was happy about going to the vet's office, lol. (She is such a love of a dog, have I said that already?) Then I took her back on Friday to find out about her stitches and they only took the ones in her butt out and said that she is looking really good, all things considered. She still has her E-collar on and the stitches in her head but that should only be for another week. I am hoping, for her, that everything comes out next week. I am sooo ready for her to get this collar off because she is smacking the heck out of us!!!

Today was the Farmer's Market, as usual. I guess Savie got up a little to early this morning because by the time we were close to being done at the market she was cranky. But we got lots of good stuff at the market. Since hubby will be gone for a couple of days next week. I know that I will need to get some food for him so I was hoping that I could get it at the Market but since he's not leaving until Tuesday I can't get a lot of stuff for him but he did ask for some corn and that's what we got. A dozen, fresh, organic, no pesticides corn. I would take a picture but I have them in the fridge already, lol.

I need to go to the store, I've been putting it off all week, but I need to do it. I have a list of stuff I need to buy. That is my plan for the rest of the day now that little bits is awake. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!