Thursday, August 7, 2008

I miss him

Now this is something that I don't say very often but I miss hubby. I love when he goes out of town, the house is a little cleaner, things are left where I left them, don't have to turn lights off after him, lol. But at night is when I miss him. Not because I want to cuddle with him or anything or the conversations that we have but because it makes me feel safer having him here. My neighborhood is a little out there, my neighbors are close but they don't seem to hear anything (maybe it's because they have their music up so loud all the time) so they don't really make me feel safe. This neighborhood is just so quiet but it also has a high illegal group coming thru here. And after the whole thing with Halley I really don't want to be outside or have anything to do with the outdoors after dark.

And I'm not the only one. Savie has been very clingy today. Usually she is ok but today was just hard. I was suppose to have only one kid, N, after noon today but there was a change in plans and I have 2 which made my afternoon a little hard and Savie was just tired. There were a lot of tears this afternoon and I will be very happy when daddy gets here tomorrow. I just might have him come get her from school (after he takes a shower). I can't wait.

Oh and I also needed him to kill the big scorpion that was in the bathroom.