Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Heads Or Tails#3

or H O T as some of the others call it. I like this weeks prompt, Manners, it's a good thought.

I don't think that a lot people think about the manner in how they say things. Yes in the media we see all manners of things, good and bad, but it is not just that. It's how we see ourselves and how we treat other people. We need to stop for a minute and think about what we are doing, not just on the big scale f things but also on the small scale. How are we treating our neighbors? The older couple that lives 3 door down? the stray cat that shows up every now and then? Have we taught our kids to be nice? To treat people with respect?

Thinking about taking the time in how we treat being, using our manners, this is something that I feel is very important, regardless of the age. My husband, at the age of almost 60, doesn't think at all about trying to get around me without saying "Excuse me"? I tell the kids all the time at school "to use their manners" to say "excuse me" before walking in front of people, reaching in front of people, etc.

It's also about the manner in how you carry yourself. Are you confident? Are you brave? Myself personally I am not. Yes I am confident, that I have raised my daughter to be a good person (but that struggle is only beginning), that my husband loves me, that I will find something fulfilling in my life.