Sunday, August 10, 2008

I AM SO PROUD OF HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to yell but I am so proud of Savie.

Last night was our fashion show. I don't think I mentioned it all this week. Deb, the tie dye lady, and a couple of other people were having a fashion show last night to benefit the local animal shelter. It was great. We each had 3 outfits to wear and I think there were 9 of us all together, with 3 of them couples. We had a pretty simple thing to do, walk out show the clothes, then walk down the stairs, walk around the room, and then back up. We had 2 rehearsal where Savie was very clingy and not wanting to walk down the stairs even though it was only us there. I was really hoping that she would be ok for the show and not crabby, but there is also the fact that we did it at 6pm after being in school all day. I made sure she got a nap even though it wasn't as long a nap as I wanted, but she really needed it since the show was at night, 7pm to be exact.

But she did so great. We had her new teddy bear and BeBe with us, I put ribbons in her hair to match her outfits and we had so much fun. She did a great job, she walked out, stood, down the stairs, and around the room. She even used the flash light to show her purse and bracelet off. I can't wait for the pictures. I just wish that hubby had been there to see the whole thing but SAM was there and she liked it. The people that were there, I think there were about 20 of them, said that she did such a great job for her first time and her age.I can't wait for next year. Maybe I should have let her be in the pageant this year, lol.

As soon as I have pictures I will be posting them so please, check back for them ok?