Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday #15


Well I didn't plan on having a tackle for today but I do. Like I said before I was re-ended while my car was still in the driveway (rolling my eyes). Well I never got around to calling in the claim, I've never had to do one before so I had no idea what was in store for me. I had to call 4 different numbers to finally get thru to make my claim. Since I have never had to do this before I didn't know what was needing of me but is it normal for them to ask you to "verify the age of the driver?" I have never heard that before and thought it was something that they should have but that's ok. Since I was coming home at lunch anyways today I knew I was going to call and get that taken care of and I did. It was one of the longest 16 minutes on the phone. LOL

What about you? What are you tackling?

Heads Or Tails #2

This weeks prompt for H O T, that I am finally able to remember to do, is Doctors.

Normally I am not a big fan of going to the Dr. and try to do as much as possible on my own. I try to go the herbal route whenever possible. But this whole thing with Halley has made me love the Dr. eve if it is a vet, lol.

Monday, July 28, 2008

A jumble of a day

Well today was a bit of a jumble. Halley got her stitches out, or so I thought. She had a 9:20am appt to get her drainage tubes out. She is such a great dog, she has been in such a good morning that she was waiting at the door from the time I woke up early (at 5:30am) and washed dishes, made coffee, and got dressed. By the time I got Savie up it was only 7.

I thought I was going to take her to school and then spend the morning with Halley but Savie wanted to stay with me so off to town we went. Savie was a trooper. Halley was really good at the vets office and got all of her tubes out but still has her E-collar on. Now she has a regular collar on instead of her harness, I hope that feels better to her, and I spent most of the afternoon at school. I need to go to bed. I am off.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #18

This week's prompt is Solace and after the week I've had I need to find solace in something. To be funny I would say I found solace in a bottle of tequila but I don't think anyone would find that funny (right?). But I did take a couple of shots at home after I got Halley home. But the thing that has given me solace thru this whole thing was knowing that Halley is a strong dog. That she is ok, and will be ok, and that the car is only metal. I have to take comfort in the fact that even though she is as beat up as she is (did you look at the pictures? very messy) she is still in good moods. Even when we were at the vets office waiting to be seen, she wanted people to pet her. Yesterday I took her for a walk, even though it's hard for her to get out the door, she wanted to go. She wanted to go longer than I thought she should have. She has such a great heart that it gives me comfort that she wanted to be here, that she fought to stay and not leave me so soon.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sky Watch Friday #13


My days have been a little hectic but this is a shot I got the other day just minutes before a storm blew it's way in. Pretty nice huh?



To see more, or to join, head over to the new blog just for the Sky watching!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It was going to happen....

i knew this would happen sooner or later. Halley was attacked by javelina's two nights ago.


The other night there was a big storm and I wanted to get some pictures of it. (I did and they are cool) and then we came back in. After the storm, about 3 hrs later, hubby let Halley out to go potty but didn't close the gate. I walked out a minute or so after her and was looking around. I turned around to say something to hubby thru the window when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I turned around in time to see Halley lunge for something around the bend of the road. I yelled for her to come back but she didn't and then I saw it. A javelina. I yelled two more times, yelled for hubby, and then yelled again for Halley. Another one came out of the bushes on the other side of the street and I turned to yell again. By the time hubby came running out of the house to help I saw at least 4 of them surrounding Halley. I screamed and ran. Hubby finally got her away from them and I grabbed her by her collar and pulled her inside.

When I pulled her into the house and saw it, it was bad. She had major bites and a big puncture wound in her neck. It took 30 minutes to get the bleeding to stop. I had to go to a friends house to get more gauze. I parked outside my gate because I just wanted to get home. I called to a after hours vet but never got an answer, and then I had to call a vet in Tucson (which is 2 hrs away!!!!) I wasn't getting an answer or help and Halley was not looking good. We finally got he bleeding stopped and I wrapped her neck. That was the good thing, the bad thing. Savie woke up during the fight outside. It's about 9:30p at this point and so now she is awake, scared, and not happy. I can't comfort her because I'm worried about Halley, hubby is working on her to.

I spent the night on the couch next to her bed checking on her. It was a long night. When hubby finally got up the next morning I took a shower and got Savie up for school. I packed a lunch, got her dressed, got myself some coffee and started to wash dishes when.......BANG!!!!!!!!! My neighbor from down the street ran into my car.

Yes that's what I said, ran into the back of my car. I wasn't parked out in the road. Several cars had already driven by my car and didn't hit me. It was just not the way I wanted my day to start. So now not only do I have to take my dog to the vet to get put back together but now I have to take my car in to be looked at.

I got Halley in and they looked at her, gave me an estimate of at least $700. I left her at the vets drove down the street to get my car looked at and that was about $1,700.00 but I still haven't called my insurance company to tell them about it. I figured my dog was a little more important then my car.

In the link the first one is the storm and then pictures of Halley.

What a day

Last night was a bad night. I am still in shock but will update later on when I have had a chance to relax and think.

Last night Halley was attacked by javelina and then this morning my car was rear ended. I spent all of last night sleeping on the couch, checking on her and trying to get some sleep. I am not in a good place.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I can run errends by myself?

right? I don't have to take my daughter with me everywhere I go, do I?

Apparently I can't.

I had a couple of errands to run this morning and asked Savie if she wanted to go with me or if she wanted to go to school and I wold come back. She choose school. Fine by me. That means that I can go have a muffin at HDM and read my book before going to the bank. But that was not to be the case. When I got the bank, not my usual branch, after the teller talked me up abut what I needed today she asked me where Savie was (that's one). I told her that she was in school (pre-school) and went across the street tot he coffee shop to get my breakfast (even though I wouldn't be able to read my book now). The lady at the counter asked where my daughter was.

"She's so cute, we haven't seen her in awhile." (that's two)

Since I still needed to go to the bank I went to the one I usually go to. Long story short I got asked4 different times "where's your daughter?"

I guess maybe I can't run around town by myself anymore, lol.

Monday, July 21, 2008


It dawn on me that today is the 21st and I haven't done an update in awhile. Let's see over at THF it's just about water conservation which goes great with the Quickie challenge. My plants are just loving me right now. I have watered the 4 pots that I have and they are doing great. I should take a picture of the rose tree that I've been watering like crazy. When I bought it there was only one bloom on it and that was it. Since I have been putting the shower water in the pot (did I meantion that?) I've gotten so many blooms off of it. I think I have 6 blooms going right now with at least 4 more to open in the next day or so. I love it.

My water bill hasn't gone down that much but it's a start, right? What about you, how are you doing on the challenges so far?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #17


It's Sunday and time for me to do some thinking. This week's prompt is ghosts, do you believe?

No not in the X-files kind of way but in the "life after death" kind of way. That would be. I believe there are ghosts/spirits out there and in my house and at the library and the local park ghosts are everywhere. I have no problem with them. For the most part I think they are mis-understood. I think there are plenty of them out there that had great lives, happy ones, and something happened to them.

I remember when I was in junior high or maybe even in elementary school, that a friend and I used an Ouija board to see if there were ghosts in the house that she lived in. Long story short, there was and we saw proof of it in an unsettling way. This is not the kind of ghost that I am happy with. I like the ones that move things around in the house when no one is there. You know, the ones that turn the light on in the bathroom when you know you turned it off, or put the milk back in the fridge when you left it on the counter. These are the kind of ghosts that I like. I acknowledge their presences, say thank you for putting something away for me, that kind of thing.

What about you? Do you believe? Are they out there for you? Watching over you

Friday, July 18, 2008

Please return to your seat

I haven't flown in a long time, mainly because I can't afford it, but ti's stories like this that make me not want to fly. What is wrong with these people? Have you ever watched that show Airline? I've seen a couple of them and that doesn't make me feel sorry for them or anything. Some of them are funny. What would you have done?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday #11


The past couple of weeks, well really months, I have been working and most days it's great. The kids are a lot of fun and they are learning things, playing with things, it's an adventure. I have learned a lot about myself and just how much patience I have ( a lot). But everyone needs a break from that right? And Savie needs some "mommy time" where it is just the two of us doing stuff, like it used to be before we started going to school. So for the past couple of weeks we have taken off Wednesdays to go the movies. When we go back to school on Thursday and finish out the week we are both in a little better mindset, having that break from all the kids and noise and stuff. It has helped with my mindset to. Thank goodness when school starts again in a couple of weeks (Aug. 6th to be exact) that I will only be there 3 days a week.

So for the summer that is what is working for me? How about you? What is working for you?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


the cat is in charge

Tackle It Tuesday #15


Well I finished my tackle that I started last week. Remember I said I was crocheting a belt? Well I finially finished it but will have to wait until tomorrow to see if it works (and take a picture). Poor baby fell asleep not long after we got home so there was no trying it on her.

What about you? How are you tackling things? Head over to 5 minutes for Mom and see some more.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Ties

We all have family in some way shape or form. Whether it's your parents/his parents/aunt/uncles down the street, next door, or across the country we all have family somewhere. We have a real life family and an online family. There are plenty of people that I would consider my sisters like Michele, Anna, and Claudia. My new sisters Ana and The Goddess . And then of course there is the quirky one. You know, the one that you always have great stories about like the time she went to prom with her dress on backwards, went on a first date in a see-thru shirt, or failed her driving test because she backed over something. (I don't know of anyone that this actually happened to, it just sounded funny to me.) Kristen is my quirky sister.

I don't remember how I found her but I love her stories, they're great. This is by far my favorite post. (Warning, stop drinking/eating before you head over there) Did you read it? Were you laughing? This is why I call her my quirky sister. I have had a few moments, nothing like this yet, but I think I am still due for some. Poke around her place, you will always find something funny. I have to head back over a grab a button from her, she is so much fun. Don't forget to bookmark her.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Slow down Sunday

After reading Grace's post about sleeping husband's and sick kids I got sick yesterday.I mean really sick. Savie and I went down to the Farmer's Market even though I wasn't feeling great but I knew Savie wanted to go. When we got home I took a shower (hot, humid, muggy day plus we walked to the Market and back) and laid down. I shouldn't have done that because I was down for the day. Or rather up and down. My stomach was not at it's best. I really just wanted to sleep but Savie was determined to "play golf" since hubby's new golf clubs were still in the living room. I woke up at least once to her playing and there was a welt on the side of her face about the size of the handle. What did I do?

Rolled over onto the couch and went back to sleep. (Kristen would be so proud)

I tried calling hubby several times because I wanted to know where he was mostly because it was storming pretty good here, lots of thunder, some lightening and then the power went out. Twice. I finally gave up on trying to get any sleep in the living room and moved us to the bedroom in hopes that not only would I get some sleep but it would make it easier for Halley to snuggle up with me (the thunder was scaring her) and Savie to take a nap. It worked. We were in bed for a 20 minutes before she started crying for daddy. But she did go to sleep

But today I was feeling a bit better and after going to the baseball game and taking another nap we went shopping and ended up in the rain.

After this long post I thought I would leave you with a song. Don't forget to turn your sound on.

Oh in case you can't understand her the words are
rain, rain, rain, rain
beautiful rain (repeated 3 times)
oh it's coming down (repeated 3 times)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sky Watch Friday #12


After a week of rain on and off and a power outage this is what greeted me when I left the house yesterday.



I love that you can see the clouds/fog rolling in over the mountains. I like that look, it's shots like this that make me wish I had a little better camera to really get shots like this. Don't forget to head over to Tom's blog to see some more shots.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It started out good

I was all set to start my post for WFMW and WW but then the power went out. Twice.

Thankfully Savie was asleep and didn't wake up at all but I wanted to call and check on K to make sure she was ok over there and ended up being on the phone for a good 15 minutes with her telling me the same thing she told me 2 hours ago. (I really need to stop calling her) Hubby decided to go to bed (not much else yo can do right?)when she woke up. But thank goodness the power came back on after another 20 minutes and I got to at least put this post up. Guess I will have to do WFMW and WW tomorrow when I have time to upload pictures.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday


This is one that I have been putting off for a long time. Savie is so tall that most of her pants keep falling down. I am consistently telling her to pull her pants up, which I am sure she is sick of her by now. She is already 3 ft tall so most of the 3T clothes that should fit don't because the pants make her look like she is wearing high waters. The first couple of times it was funny to see but after awhile it was just annoying. So my fix for the problem?

Buying a belt.

Or rather make a belt.

I spent most of the day, at school, trying to make a belt, to fit her. It has to be pink (her new favorite color) and of course long enough. I've gotten about 3 rows done and hope to get it finished tonight if I get it done I will post pictures so check back tonight.

What about you? What are you tackling this week?

Monday, July 7, 2008


I'm a little offended. Not by anything online but by what a "friend" has implied of me. Now I understand that she has worked hard to be able to take care of these puppies and of course she is very attached to them but to call me and tell me that she thinks one of them may have Parvo and that I may be the one to bring it to her house is just a little rude. (if you don't know what I'm talking about read this post and then this one)

Now I can't fully understand how she would feel about the puppies dying or getting this sick since I have never had any contact with Parvo until now. And after last summer I really don't know what to make of it, it's a horrible thing. I saw the puppies after they died, I mean I help feed them!!! But she even said it herself some of them were just to young to begin with.

Now here is my problem. I got a call from her on my answering machine saying, as nicely as she could put it, that one of the puppies was sick and that it might be Parvo. He's acting that way, not eating, etc. That the dogs that I petted that smelled really bad might of had it and that is why you never go to a pound/shelter etc and then come to a house where there are puppies under a year. That even though I washed my hands that it might have come into her house on my shoes.

Now here is where I have a problem. Yes, I touched dogs that were really smelly, while I was at the dump. A place I go to at least one a week for recyclables. And have been there at least 6 more times since I ran into those dogs. Who by the way, have not had a bath all year (according to the owners) and walked over 10 miles thru who knows what, over 2 months ago. Now I don't know how long it takes for a dog to show signs of Parvo once it's been exposed but I was under the impression that it was faster that that.

As much as she wants to tell me not to do this or I should give Halley that she doesn't listen when I tell her not to give Savie something. She treats her dogs, all 9 of them, like kids and doesn't want me to spoil them or give them something bad but when I tell her not to give Savie candy/chocolate/pasta salad she ignores it. I don't know what else to say to her.

Friday was a perfect example. Savie is still sick and on antibiotics so I don't want to give her complex food and upset her stomach. We only went to the parade because she asked for it and then I had to go to the store so we stopped at her place to give her some stuff. While there she kept insisting that Savie take home a plate. I told her no, several times, that she is sick and I don't want complex food in her right now. "Oh well give it to hubby, he might like it." Hubby doesn't want anything from her let alone a plate of food that he can't chew. It's sitting in my fridge and will get tossed out. Even after that she came outside and gave her a chocolate bar.

So let's have a recap. I may be responsible for a puppy being sick but it's ok to ignore what I saw about giving my daughter stuff.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I want

one of these!!!

Types of rabbits: Types of rabbits: Argente

I miss having rabbits and can't wait until we move so I an get one again. Aren't they cute?

Sky Watch Friday


Sorry I haven't been around lately but I have been a little scattered brain lately. This is a beautiful shot I took last week (I think) of the moon coming up over the mountain behind my house.


head over to Tom's blog for some more great shots.

Happy 4th to all

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!!!!!

We started our 4th off not in the best of spirits. Savie got sick last night, started with a temp of 100.5 so we took a cold shower and then tried again about an hour after that and it was up, like to 101.4. Yes I said 101.4. That means we are going to the ER. I wish I didn't have to but at that high of a temp, especially when it's taken under the arm, that means we are going to the ER. If it had been earlier int he day we just would have gone to the Dr. but it was almost 6:30 when we left. We sat in the ER for maybe an hour and a half. There was only 2 other people there and one was a little girl(12) who was throwing up (poor girl). When they finally came out to see us they took her temp and it was up to 104.2(I think), waited another 20-30 minutes and then we went back to a bed. They did all the usual, took her vitals and her temp again. not changed. They gave me some Tylenol to give her (not happy about that) and then took a throat culture to see if she Strep Throat (that came back negative by the way). But a long story short (to late huh? lol) she may have some kind of infection, but it is not a cold/flu, maybe the start of an ear infection. Jeez this sounds familiar. Well this time we get meds to take for 10 days (amoxicilln). OS that was my night (and early morning).

Today were what she wanted. I didn't want to try to get her up early to go across town to see the coaster races so we just kinda slept in. My plan was to go to the coaster races, come back to watch the parade and then hang out at home until the fireworks. This is basically what we did, except for the coaster race part. We drove down and saw the parade and then came home. Tried to get Savie take some more of her meds but she was feeling just fine she said. The fireworks were pretty good this year. There were a couple of ones that were pretty nice but it was even better that we didn't have to drive anywhere. But on the down side I am itchy all over and have to go take a shower. Hope you all had a great fourth!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Cat in the....box???

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tackel It Tuesday

My tackle was one that I have been putting off for weeks. We live in a copper mining town so I expect the water to be a little weird. It only stands to reason, right? Well growing up in CA I was used to the shower head getting clogged and having to clean it or change it but I have noticed that it takes a lot less time here. I have bought several different things to clean it that are suppose to clean lime and the like. (I am not going to name names) but none of them have really worked. I even tried soaking it in baking soda and vinegar. Nothing works. I finally broke down the other night and did the only thing I know that works.

A toothpick.
Yes that's right i said a toothpick. I have to sit down and go hole by hole and clean each and every one of the heads out with a toothpick to get it even close to spraying like a normal shower.

That was my tackle, what about you?

July is here!!!!!

Yeah it's July!!!! I should have posted this yesterday but things are just a little hectic this week. Monday we overslept and we were late for school. We have finally started to get our rain like we should be getting in the monsoon season. It's put a damper on my walking to school everyday but that is ok. With the temperature being in the 90's most of the day and then trying to keep up with the kids I am still losing weight. (I have dropped a pant size!) But I also need to wrap up one green challenge and update on another.

Ok over at THF there was the BYOB challenge. This was a great one and one that I thought I could do. Like I said before I started out really good. I still have to go check the bag under the sink where I keep my plastic bags but I think my count is really low, for me, I think I ended up with 8 of them. The last time I bought some fruits and veggies I skipped the plastic bag for them and had the bagger just put them all in my net bag. The bagger did look at me a little funny but once he put the first few things in he was fine with it. Plus I was reading on another blog about how your going to wash the fruits and veggies anyways so why does it matter if it's going to be on the conveyor belt. (I wish I could find the blog now but I will look for it). I want to get a metal basket for my fruits and veggies which I think would be great for the Farmer's Market anyways, maybe I will look into this one. I would really like to have something like a basket so i have less bags to use, they would also be good when I go to the FM and buy honey and other stuff in jars.

The second challenge, which is going on for 2 more months, is the quickie 5 minute challenge. This has been a little hard for me. I love taking a shower but have been doing it. I even have my daughter down to a short shower. I was at another blog and it was talking about how to get extra water for plants and the like. I have been doing this and I am curious to see how it effected my water bill. I just wish I could get hubby to shower with the pot so I can water plants and turn the water off when he brushes his teeth. I've gone in a couple of times and he's looked at he like I turned the lights off on him, lol. It will take awhile to get him on board with the sink business but I think I am just out of luck on the shower thing.

But he did bring up a valid point. With all the stuff that we use in the shower, body wash and oils, that it can't be good for the plants. But I old him that the body wash that Savie and I use are organic and harmless so it's no worse then the water that comes out of the sink, besides if the soap was harmful then the spot where the water drains in the side yard wouldn't have plants year round.

So here's a quick re-cap of the challenges.
The BYOB challenge: good results, very few bags, but more then I would have liked.
Quickie challenge: so far so good and hopefully good for my water bill.