Sunday, July 13, 2008

Slow down Sunday

After reading Grace's post about sleeping husband's and sick kids I got sick yesterday.I mean really sick. Savie and I went down to the Farmer's Market even though I wasn't feeling great but I knew Savie wanted to go. When we got home I took a shower (hot, humid, muggy day plus we walked to the Market and back) and laid down. I shouldn't have done that because I was down for the day. Or rather up and down. My stomach was not at it's best. I really just wanted to sleep but Savie was determined to "play golf" since hubby's new golf clubs were still in the living room. I woke up at least once to her playing and there was a welt on the side of her face about the size of the handle. What did I do?

Rolled over onto the couch and went back to sleep. (Kristen would be so proud)

I tried calling hubby several times because I wanted to know where he was mostly because it was storming pretty good here, lots of thunder, some lightening and then the power went out. Twice. I finally gave up on trying to get any sleep in the living room and moved us to the bedroom in hopes that not only would I get some sleep but it would make it easier for Halley to snuggle up with me (the thunder was scaring her) and Savie to take a nap. It worked. We were in bed for a 20 minutes before she started crying for daddy. But she did go to sleep

But today I was feeling a bit better and after going to the baseball game and taking another nap we went shopping and ended up in the rain.

After this long post I thought I would leave you with a song. Don't forget to turn your sound on.

Oh in case you can't understand her the words are
rain, rain, rain, rain
beautiful rain (repeated 3 times)
oh it's coming down (repeated 3 times)