Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tackel It Tuesday

My tackle was one that I have been putting off for weeks. We live in a copper mining town so I expect the water to be a little weird. It only stands to reason, right? Well growing up in CA I was used to the shower head getting clogged and having to clean it or change it but I have noticed that it takes a lot less time here. I have bought several different things to clean it that are suppose to clean lime and the like. (I am not going to name names) but none of them have really worked. I even tried soaking it in baking soda and vinegar. Nothing works. I finally broke down the other night and did the only thing I know that works.

A toothpick.
Yes that's right i said a toothpick. I have to sit down and go hole by hole and clean each and every one of the heads out with a toothpick to get it even close to spraying like a normal shower.

That was my tackle, what about you?