Monday, July 28, 2008

A jumble of a day

Well today was a bit of a jumble. Halley got her stitches out, or so I thought. She had a 9:20am appt to get her drainage tubes out. She is such a great dog, she has been in such a good morning that she was waiting at the door from the time I woke up early (at 5:30am) and washed dishes, made coffee, and got dressed. By the time I got Savie up it was only 7.

I thought I was going to take her to school and then spend the morning with Halley but Savie wanted to stay with me so off to town we went. Savie was a trooper. Halley was really good at the vets office and got all of her tubes out but still has her E-collar on. Now she has a regular collar on instead of her harness, I hope that feels better to her, and I spent most of the afternoon at school. I need to go to bed. I am off.