Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th to all

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!!!!!

We started our 4th off not in the best of spirits. Savie got sick last night, started with a temp of 100.5 so we took a cold shower and then tried again about an hour after that and it was up, like to 101.4. Yes I said 101.4. That means we are going to the ER. I wish I didn't have to but at that high of a temp, especially when it's taken under the arm, that means we are going to the ER. If it had been earlier int he day we just would have gone to the Dr. but it was almost 6:30 when we left. We sat in the ER for maybe an hour and a half. There was only 2 other people there and one was a little girl(12) who was throwing up (poor girl). When they finally came out to see us they took her temp and it was up to 104.2(I think), waited another 20-30 minutes and then we went back to a bed. They did all the usual, took her vitals and her temp again. not changed. They gave me some Tylenol to give her (not happy about that) and then took a throat culture to see if she Strep Throat (that came back negative by the way). But a long story short (to late huh? lol) she may have some kind of infection, but it is not a cold/flu, maybe the start of an ear infection. Jeez this sounds familiar. Well this time we get meds to take for 10 days (amoxicilln). OS that was my night (and early morning).

Today were what she wanted. I didn't want to try to get her up early to go across town to see the coaster races so we just kinda slept in. My plan was to go to the coaster races, come back to watch the parade and then hang out at home until the fireworks. This is basically what we did, except for the coaster race part. We drove down and saw the parade and then came home. Tried to get Savie take some more of her meds but she was feeling just fine she said. The fireworks were pretty good this year. There were a couple of ones that were pretty nice but it was even better that we didn't have to drive anywhere. But on the down side I am itchy all over and have to go take a shower. Hope you all had a great fourth!!!!