Saturday, June 7, 2008

What a night

That's all I can say. Last night I was hoping that since I had worked all week and still had to go back and clean today that we could have a relaxing night. And for the most part it was. I cooked dinner for us, a simple thing of pasta, and then tried to wash dishes and clean the house some. It worked. Savie and I had dinner, hubby fell asleep as soon as dinner was ready of course, and then Savie fell asleep. Yeah!!! or so I thought. Savie woke me up around 2am to tell me she had to go potty so we went, and then five minutes later she threw up on me. I was really awake now, wide awake. I put Savie in the shower and re-dressed her and got back in the bed. We woke up a couple more times to make repeat trips to the bathroom but no more puking thank goodness. I was hoping that things would be a little better this morning but that was not the case. So here is the count

puked on
4 times (including the 2:30 wake up call)
change of clothes
change of clothes for Savie

I am doing this now that she is asleep again, I am hoping that when she gets up I can get her to eat some applesauce and toast, simple things to help settle her tummy not like the cheese and sandwich meat that hubby gave her, lol. Here's hoping that things get better.