Wednesday, June 25, 2008



If you've read my tackle post you understand the title so you kinda know what I am talking about.

Halley, my wonderful, loving, 8yr dog loves to play, and sleep, and do what most dogs do. But her true love? That would be catching skunks. I mean she's done it 7 times now so I think that is her newest game. Why else would she get sprayed 7 times. But you might be asking yourself, how do you get the smell out of your dog at 11pm at night when all the stores are closed? Well let me tell you, this is what you do.

  1. stop your dog from coming in the house
  2. yell for husband to help you
  3. not get an answer from #2
  4. drag dog to the car to get the leash so we can keep her in one place (be sure not the let said dog get into car)
  5. run into the kitchen and dig for the de-skunking recipe
  6. un-hook dog and drag into the bathroom because dog knows that they smell and hates to take baths
  7. mix the de-skunking soap and proceed to bath dog
  8. repeat step #7
  9. call hubby again to help you so you can run to the washer to grab some towels
  10. wait 10 minute for hubby to get to you
  11. run to get towels
  12. drag dog out and put her outside (in the rain) to dry off
Not only did I tackle a pretty big thing but what worked for me having hubby around, even if it took awhile to help me, having a de-skunking recipe, and a leash close by. (If you want the de-skunking thing let me know)

What works for you?