Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #117

This weeks prompt is VISION. I can talk a lot about vision. There is the vision to see the future and not in the whole psychic way (although I know nothing about that). I mean the vision to see what you want. The vision that I have is that we, as a society, will be better and make our world a happier place. But I know that is not going to happen in my lifetime. I want my daughter to have a vision of what she wants to be, be it a SAHM or a CEO of a mega company or the president of the USA. She can be anything she wants to be. I think my vision of her is that of a sweet, loving child that is a joy to be with.
With all of the above references to my child another important vision, especially here in AZ, is vision on the road. After my scare last week I am trying to pay a little more attention to the weather report when I am out during monsoon season. My visibility was completely shot. I could barely see the BP that was in the middle of the road maybe a good 50 yards behind me.

I guess I can't talk a lot about vision, lol.