Friday, May 25, 2007

Sorry for the long

delay from my last post but I've been so tired the last couple of nights that it's just crazy.

I got our pictures back yesterday (family you will get yours soon) and they are sooooooooo cute. Yes I am bragging about my daughter but she is just to cute for words. I wish I had a scanner so I could scan them to my computer and show them off some more but no such luck there. (I have figured out though that I need to take my computer in to get it cleaned so i can find out why I can't download my pictures from my camera. )

Some of the moms "trade" kids, like one mom will take another moms kids for the day so she can work or go to the Dr. whatever the case may be and then they will trade later. I love that fact. i had never asked anther mom to watch Savie until i had to go in my interview.

Also last week w went to the San Pedro River for a hike. It was so nice. The kids walked to the river and played for awhile, then when they got cold from the water (can you believe it?) they sat down and ate. I have pictures and a link for some of the other pictures that another mom took but I can't do it right now, my mind doesn't want to work right now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Potty Training

This is just a an update. I have been trying to get Savie potty trained but have hit a wall. She hasn't gotten any better about using the potty and we are just going thru so many pull ups it's crazy so I have decided that we are just going to wear regular panties and see what happens. Well Sun was good. She had one accident all day and then I think she was fine while I was at work. Mon was good to same thing. Today was not so good. We went to the library like always and then stopped at the Co-op and came home. It wasn't until w came home that she had an accident. She even took her nap and woke up dry!!!!!! I think we may be closer to being potty trained and able to go to day care.

I think I go a little ahead of myself buying the Vista software for my computer. I need to take some things off before I ca load all of it on my laptop. Oh well. That's what I get to trying.

Happy Mother's day

Happy belater mother's day to everyone!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

What a week!!!!!

This has been such a crazy up and down week. I said I was going to buy myself a bicycle and start riding again but with Savie I need to get a trailer so that's what I did. I wasn't going to it for Christmas because it would just sit in the garage until it got warm so I waited for spring to buy one. I got a good one and tried to hooked up the trailer that I bought from (Yeah I know shameless plug) but wasn't having any luck but hubby came home early and did it for me. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I thought that I could pull her in the trailer but it was so hard to do. I was sore on just the two blocks that we went. That was on Tues. and then I tried again the next day to ride down tot he post office and back and that really hurt me but of course Savie was having fun. She loved sitting in there and being pulled. I figure it will take me a couple of months to work up to go really far with the trailer.
Wednesday we didn't do anything and then Thurs we went to story hour and then our SnB. It was fun. Since it's been so warm lately that we spent most of the early evening and night outside, we start at 5pm which is fine since the kids were having so much fun. I haven't been riding since Wed because my butt hurts so bad from the seat but I'm going to buy another one and see if that helps.
Today we went to the park but it was hot, I mean it was already 90 by 10 am this morning. I think we are gong to move back to the other park since it has more shade. See what I mean about it being a great week. We've had nice weather, great days, and very little temper tantrums. lol.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

From so-so to great

Today started out as just ok. There is a wind advisory in effect until about 8pm tonight so we were only going to go down to the Farmer's Market for a little while and then come home to rest before we went to Sierra Vista for pictures.That was the plan but something didn't want to work with me on this.
First I couldn't get the Suburban started, not just ignition trouble that I've been having for the past coupe of weeks, but nothing, not so much as a click. So I had to unload hubby's truck, which had all of the tools he used this week at work, by myself. All of the toolboxes that he had, the rolling toolbox, and then tried to unload the table saw and the air compressor and then changed my mind (that thing is way to heavy). So we went to the bank and deposited my paycheck, a whopping$361.00 for 2 weeks!!!!! who hoo!!! anyways we came back to the Farmer's Market but because of the wind they were shutting down so i still didn't get breakfast, my second thought was to go to the BBC for breakfast. What was I thinking, it's a Saturday morning and there are tons of tourist in town so there is at least a 20 min. wait and I'm starving at this point so we just went next door to the Co-op and got some eggs and came back home to eat. Since I thought I knew how to hook up the battery charger I tried to that so I could take the Suburban into town instead of having t worry about his truck but there was no luck there. I let it charge for almost 2 hrs and still got nothing so we had to take his truck.

So we drove to Sierra Vista in his truck and thankfully she fell asleep just outside of town is she was nice and rested when we got to Walmart. Spiderman was suppose to be there and I was hoping that we would get there in enough time to see him before we took our pictures. I knew Savie wasn't going to want to get to close but i thought we would at least try and I hoped it wouldn't take away from her good mood and ruin taking pictures.

I got soooo lucky!!! She did great! There was no fussing, crying, outing up nothing. She took great pictures. I can't wait to get them back. There are 2 of us and then 5 of just her, the lady that took our picture said that she did great. I can't wait to get these pictures back. I wish I had a scanner so I could post them. They came out so nice.

So a so-so day turned into a great day. That's the way to end it right, ladies??