Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Potty Training

This is just a an update. I have been trying to get Savie potty trained but have hit a wall. She hasn't gotten any better about using the potty and we are just going thru so many pull ups it's crazy so I have decided that we are just going to wear regular panties and see what happens. Well Sun was good. She had one accident all day and then I think she was fine while I was at work. Mon was good to same thing. Today was not so good. We went to the library like always and then stopped at the Co-op and came home. It wasn't until w came home that she had an accident. She even took her nap and woke up dry!!!!!! I think we may be closer to being potty trained and able to go to day care.

I think I go a little ahead of myself buying the Vista software for my computer. I need to take some things off before I ca load all of it on my laptop. Oh well. That's what I get to trying.