Friday, May 25, 2007

Sorry for the long

delay from my last post but I've been so tired the last couple of nights that it's just crazy.

I got our pictures back yesterday (family you will get yours soon) and they are sooooooooo cute. Yes I am bragging about my daughter but she is just to cute for words. I wish I had a scanner so I could scan them to my computer and show them off some more but no such luck there. (I have figured out though that I need to take my computer in to get it cleaned so i can find out why I can't download my pictures from my camera. )

Some of the moms "trade" kids, like one mom will take another moms kids for the day so she can work or go to the Dr. whatever the case may be and then they will trade later. I love that fact. i had never asked anther mom to watch Savie until i had to go in my interview.

Also last week w went to the San Pedro River for a hike. It was so nice. The kids walked to the river and played for awhile, then when they got cold from the water (can you believe it?) they sat down and ate. I have pictures and a link for some of the other pictures that another mom took but I can't do it right now, my mind doesn't want to work right now.