Saturday, May 5, 2007

From so-so to great

Today started out as just ok. There is a wind advisory in effect until about 8pm tonight so we were only going to go down to the Farmer's Market for a little while and then come home to rest before we went to Sierra Vista for pictures.That was the plan but something didn't want to work with me on this.
First I couldn't get the Suburban started, not just ignition trouble that I've been having for the past coupe of weeks, but nothing, not so much as a click. So I had to unload hubby's truck, which had all of the tools he used this week at work, by myself. All of the toolboxes that he had, the rolling toolbox, and then tried to unload the table saw and the air compressor and then changed my mind (that thing is way to heavy). So we went to the bank and deposited my paycheck, a whopping$361.00 for 2 weeks!!!!! who hoo!!! anyways we came back to the Farmer's Market but because of the wind they were shutting down so i still didn't get breakfast, my second thought was to go to the BBC for breakfast. What was I thinking, it's a Saturday morning and there are tons of tourist in town so there is at least a 20 min. wait and I'm starving at this point so we just went next door to the Co-op and got some eggs and came back home to eat. Since I thought I knew how to hook up the battery charger I tried to that so I could take the Suburban into town instead of having t worry about his truck but there was no luck there. I let it charge for almost 2 hrs and still got nothing so we had to take his truck.

So we drove to Sierra Vista in his truck and thankfully she fell asleep just outside of town is she was nice and rested when we got to Walmart. Spiderman was suppose to be there and I was hoping that we would get there in enough time to see him before we took our pictures. I knew Savie wasn't going to want to get to close but i thought we would at least try and I hoped it wouldn't take away from her good mood and ruin taking pictures.

I got soooo lucky!!! She did great! There was no fussing, crying, outing up nothing. She took great pictures. I can't wait to get them back. There are 2 of us and then 5 of just her, the lady that took our picture said that she did great. I can't wait to get these pictures back. I wish I had a scanner so I could post them. They came out so nice.

So a so-so day turned into a great day. That's the way to end it right, ladies??