Friday, May 11, 2007

What a week!!!!!

This has been such a crazy up and down week. I said I was going to buy myself a bicycle and start riding again but with Savie I need to get a trailer so that's what I did. I wasn't going to it for Christmas because it would just sit in the garage until it got warm so I waited for spring to buy one. I got a good one and tried to hooked up the trailer that I bought from (Yeah I know shameless plug) but wasn't having any luck but hubby came home early and did it for me. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I thought that I could pull her in the trailer but it was so hard to do. I was sore on just the two blocks that we went. That was on Tues. and then I tried again the next day to ride down tot he post office and back and that really hurt me but of course Savie was having fun. She loved sitting in there and being pulled. I figure it will take me a couple of months to work up to go really far with the trailer.
Wednesday we didn't do anything and then Thurs we went to story hour and then our SnB. It was fun. Since it's been so warm lately that we spent most of the early evening and night outside, we start at 5pm which is fine since the kids were having so much fun. I haven't been riding since Wed because my butt hurts so bad from the seat but I'm going to buy another one and see if that helps.
Today we went to the park but it was hot, I mean it was already 90 by 10 am this morning. I think we are gong to move back to the other park since it has more shade. See what I mean about it being a great week. We've had nice weather, great days, and very little temper tantrums. lol.