Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What to do now

So I have been working on a robe for Savie, an outfit for Anna, and a star blanket for another mom and guess what??? I ran out of yarn, Savie's robe, or finished it, Anna's outfit and the blanket. I wasn't planning on going back to Walmart until Sat/Sun but now I have to go tomorrow, for other things besides yarn, but I needed something to do today. So I pulled out all the things that I have worked on but haven't finished, mostly just to weave the ends in on them. So here they are.

This is a vest that I made last year I think. I finally got around to weaving the ends in and am now going to give it away. One of the other moms that I know, Danielle, is in a band and they wear green so I am going to give it to her since I already gave her the hat I made out of the extra yarn. Hopefully I will see her before March 10th when her band plays so I can give it to her and then go see her band so I have some pictures of her in it. I hope she likes it.
This is a star afghan that I started about 2 weeks ago. It worked up pretty fast even though I messed up a couple of rows but you can't tell.
And this is the outfit I made for Anna, I'm one of her tester so I have some cute putfits to make (thanks Anna).


I know that I posted about this in my MySpace blog but I wanted to post about it here to. I see no problem with it, if you need/have to Breastfeed In Public go right ahead there are plently of worse things people see everyday in the news/movies/magizens/etc. I don't think it's a big deal with all the clothing options and blankets you can use to cover yourself or the fact that you can leave the room or whatever if people are uncomfortablte with it. But then I was watching vidoes online with Savie, trying to keep her intertained while we waited for Mike to come home and fix my tire, and found a video of a pig nursing tiger cubs and a tiger nursing piglets. This was at some zoo in Thialand or something and people were watching thur the nursery window. No how is that ok, to watch an animal feed it's child and stand ther and comment on how cute it is or whatever but it's wrong for a mother to feed her child in public?? Does anyone else see the weird connection I am making here? This is just bizarre to me.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

What a weekend

First Thursday night I heard a mouse in the cabinet knawing on something, so of course I got all freaked out and wanted Mike to find it and do something about it but since he's sick hewouldn't get up and do something about it. So I had to listen to the mouse all.......night.........long. Even when I got up to go to the bathroom around 2am I could still hear it, yuck!!!!!! So Friday, on the way back from Kiddie Gym with Savie, we stopped at Safeway to buy some mousetraps. Then Mike came home and set them before he went to the mountain, amazing how he wasn't to sick for that huh? Well he left and Savie was down for her nap when I heard it again, but this time I wasn't that worried since the traps were set and I knew that it was gong to get caught soon. Well I stood up to go to the bathroom and was on the stove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuck yuck yuck that's all I can say. I was so freaked out that I woke up Savie, grabbed my purse and left the house. I even took Halley with me. I had no idea what I was going to do since Mike wasn't coming back until Sat and my landlord Mat was still at work.
Well I decided to go ahead and see if his son was home and have re-set the traps for me but his truck wasn't at their house (they live around the corner from us so when I leave I can see who's car is home). So I decided to go ahead and see Mat at work. He was great, he only laughed at me a little when I told him where the mouse was but he said he'd be right over after he was off and take care of it. So Savie and I went to the store to get a few things and wait for Mat to come over.
He found where the mouse was living, in the stove under the cover, he as building a nest if you can believe it right there. Mat showed me where it was and even scared the mouse out for a minute before he finished vaccumming and gave me some mousebait to put there. So I was much better Friday night knowing that 1) the mouse wasn't there 2) there was mousebait out for it.

So Saturday morning comes and we need to go to Walmart so I can buy some more yarn for Savie's robe. Everything was great until we left to come home. Savie was whining that she wanted to have something to drink so I pulled over a flat tire!!!!!! Completely totally flat!!!!!!! I have no idea what I ran over but it killed my tire and I didn't have my AAA card on me so I had no clue what to do. Well after crying in the car for a minute, I finally decided to go back to Walmart and use their phone book to call someone even though it was a mile walk back to Walmart. Just as I walked away from the car a Border Patrol Jeep came driving up and then my landlord's wife Mary drove up as well. So long story short, I know a little late for that, AAA showed up and changed the tire and Savie was great. She sat in the car with Mary while I dealt with the truckdriver and then we came home. So now we are home, safe and sound. Good thing I didn't wait for Mike to get home there was a message on the machine saying that they are staying in mountains for another night. Thank goodness for Mary. lol

Friday, February 23, 2007

It takes a village.......

to raise a child as the saying goes and I love that saying. I joke with Mike that Savie is a "community child" . When I say that I mean that she is comfortable with the other moms at the library or at the park or even with Chester, Mike's friend. Just yesterday she took Chet's hand and walked out to the truck without Mike or I being out there, like it was just so normal to do. Then today we went to the park, since we have been in the house for most of the week, we met one of the other mom's mother-in-law for the first time and she was fine. She walked away from me and took this woman's hand and pulled her off to play with her and her "boyfriend". For about 10 minutes I wasn't paying attention to her, because she was with another mom, but when I looked over to she what she was up to, she was being held by the mil!!!!!!! I was laughing so hard, so cracks me up. But try to touch her or talk to her somewhere else or if she doesn't know you and she pulls away. So at least she knows the difference between a "good" person and a "bad" person.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

You've got mail

That's what I tell Savie on the days that she's awake before the mailperson gets here (how PC of me is that, lol). Well yesterday I knew something was for her since the maillady honked and they only do that when they have a package that's to big for the mailbox. So we went running down the driveway to see what we got. It was a package from Mom!!!! Yeah!!!!!

Savie got a card, homemade by her Nana, with candy (thanks a lot mom lol), a cute pink t-shirt, 2 new books, and a little hologram picture. I have to wait until i wash the shirt to take a picture of her in it. I let her wear it today and of course she got dirt and yuck all over it, lol. But hey, that's what toddlers do. Thanks mom the package she loved it.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Kind of a bad

weekend. Savie has come down with a cold, which is not so bad, it's just a bad cough and a runny nose. I was hoping that I wouldn't get it but no such luck so we are both coughing our lungs out. So there will be no storyhour for us this week unless one of us is better by Thurs. This is just not fun for either one of us. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

So much fun

We went to a Housewarming/Clothing swap tonight and it was so much fun. Savie was shy, which is a new thing for her, but that was over with in about 30 min. of being there. There were a lot of moms there so there were a lot of kids and maybe a little overwhelming for her. We've been going to a SnB for the past 3 weeks and it's been at a different persons house each time so the fact that it was another different house probaly didn't help much either. I only took a few things to trade and got rid of everything but one and I got a pair of boots in the deal, yeah me!!

Oh yeah if you look really close at this picture that is a skirt I made for Savie, isn't it cute? She's already worn it twice and everyone says she looks so cute and adorable in it so yeah I'm proud, lol.


Ok so we had a WIC appt on the 6th and Savie is doing great. She's 38 1/4 inches tall and 33 1/2 lbs, the WIC lady (I can't remember her name) said that she is in the 90th percentile for her height and 67th percentile for her weight. She is so tall sevearl people have asked me if she's 3-4yr old. I think it's so funny. I have to find a way to post some pictures of her soon.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Her "Boyfriend"

This is just so funny to me. She's only 2 but already has the boys wrapped around a fingers. One of the boys that comes to storyhour is so in love with her and his name is PJ. They are so cute, he gets all excieted when she shows up, they pull each other around to play/dance, have to sit next to each other at snack/project time and, if we can get them to sit down for the story, they have to sit next to each other then to. Most days she is really happy to go to storyhour but if he's there they won't sit still. They are running around, climbing on things, just all over the place. But they love to play with each other.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Starting ain't easy

I am going to see if I can keep up with this.

When Savie was born I sent out a "baby Update" maybe once a month to the family members that I had email addresses for so they could hear about how she was doing. This is the next step for me. I am going to use this to keep family and friends updated on, not just her, but the family as well. This way everyone can see what she is up to, see pictures of her with her "boyfriend", in a new outfit, whatever the case may be.