Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not what I planned


This is not what I planned for my tackled. I had planned to show you that I shampooed another carpet in my house (you can read about the other carpet I cleaned here). I did the bedroom mainly because I wanted something small to do since I was washing clothes as well that day but Halley must have thought that I needed something else to do. Something bigger and messier and smellier to do.

So she killed a skunk. Again.

It's a good thing that I found a really good recipe for getting rid of the smell otherwise she would still be sleeping outside. SO I spent a good 30 minutes giving her a bath hosing her down and getting getting myself all dirty in the process. Now that she is cleaned I have to clean the bathroom, change the shower curtains, and throw everything in the wash. So I guess instead of tackling the carpet I tackled my dog, lol!!!!!!!!

So what have you tackled this week?