Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is it really that bad?

That my daughter licked the spatula after making our own colored sugar?? Does it sounds as bad as I think it does? Maybe I should tell the whole story.

It's hot so of course we want Popsicles and ice cream and watermelons. So being the green person that I am trying to be, I wanted to make my own. I found some good ones here and thought they were a good start so I decided to try my own recipe. It was a simple one of yogurt, fruit, vanilla extract, and water. I let Savie have one after lunch and it was a bomb. She barely ate half of one and when I tasted it I could see why, they were pretty bland and yucky. So then I thought "Well the glitter pops sounded kinda good, I want to try that." But there was a catch to the whole thing. I don't have any colored sugar in the house, just cane sugar. But then I found found this and thought it was the perfect quick project for Savie and I. I was hoping that she would make pink and something else. I knew she would want to make pink that is the color of the year. Everything is pink, the cup, the the clothes, the shoes, etc.

In all fairness I had planned on letting her make whatever color she wanted, make it as light or dark as she wanted. But that was not to be, she made it dark. It was getting pretty dark, almost blood red but I finally talked her into letting me add more sugar to help it lighten up. Got the red done and then started in on the second color. And from that you get this.

Do you know what she is doing? Can you guess what my sweet little girl is doing? She's licking the spatula. The sugar covered spatula!!!!!!!! A green sugar covered spatula!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me things are not as bad as I think they are.