Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday #11


The past couple of weeks, well really months, I have been working and most days it's great. The kids are a lot of fun and they are learning things, playing with things, it's an adventure. I have learned a lot about myself and just how much patience I have ( a lot). But everyone needs a break from that right? And Savie needs some "mommy time" where it is just the two of us doing stuff, like it used to be before we started going to school. So for the past couple of weeks we have taken off Wednesdays to go the movies. When we go back to school on Thursday and finish out the week we are both in a little better mindset, having that break from all the kids and noise and stuff. It has helped with my mindset to. Thank goodness when school starts again in a couple of weeks (Aug. 6th to be exact) that I will only be there 3 days a week.

So for the summer that is what is working for me? How about you? What is working for you?