Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to the grind

It's Monday again and it's back to school for us. I was a little surprised at how many kids came to school to with runny noses (only 2) but the parents know the rule about runny noses. Once it turns green they are not allowed at school. Today there were 2 with runny noses and one that was getting over dysentery(whatever that is). My question is this, why would you let them come to school when you think they may be sick? One of them I know is just not mentally there as a parent, she just doesn't get it when it comes to taking care of her kid but the other one I think she was just hoping that it wouldn't get worse. The one with dy was up and down all day until early afternoon when we finally just had to call them to get her. She finally fell asleep but was hot and clammy and uncomfortable. I hope she feels better. Myself on the other hand I have to go take some Emergen-C in hopes that I don't get sick again.