Sunday, August 10, 2008

School is here

So school as officially started, actually it started on the 6th for us here.I have been looking around for lunch bags and bottles or Savie to take. I was over at THF and saw some really cute bags. I have a couple of bags already but once I pick a different bag and bottle, they old ones will go to the thrift store. I don't have yard sales so that is what I will have to do with them. I have also been looking for water bottles for her since she still chews on things and the two water bottles she has now have been chewed on so bad that they don't seal like the should. I am leaning towards a SIGG bottle but everyone is out of them since there was such a big rush on them.

For myself, I am working 3 days a week and still need to sign up for my classes. I have just been so not aware of what is going on that I am behind on this. I have a few things to do now that school is back in session, what about you? When does school start for your kids? Are you ready?