Wednesday, August 20, 2008

13 Thursday

I haven't done these in awhile but having a rental car has given me some good fodder for my blog, lol

13 Things I don't like about my rental car

  1. It's not my car
  2. It's a car and not an SUV
  3. It's sits to low to the ground
  4. I can't see out the back windows or sides for that matter, and there are a lot of blind spots
  5. It has daytime running lights which is just weird to me
  6. Savie can open the doors, inside and out
  7. I way the doors are the passenger door looks open to me
  8. I have no trunk space
  9. Halley can't fit in it
  10. It's not my SUV
  11. It's black, not a great thing for the desert
  12. I have to unlock the driver's to unlock the whole car
  13. It's not my car

Can you tell that I miss my car?