Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I need a new car~update

Someone somewhere was listening to me rant about my car. Hubby told me today that after we work out something for a house, I'll explain that later, I can get a car and not just some old beat up car for like $1,000.00 no he said something for maybe around $5-$6,000.00!!!! I was shocked to hear this, I almost hit a tree (we were driving when he told me this). I would love to have a new-er car. I don't really need a 2007-8 but a 2000 would be nice. You have no idea how happy this makes me since we paid $1,100.00 for this stupid car and then put in over $4,000.00 in it in the past 2yrs. It's crazy, let me tell you why we had to sped that $$ on it.

About 2 months after we bought the Suburban, which I have named Betty, when we went up to Phoenix for a photo shoot for Savie and then decided to drive up to Prescott to visit some friends. About 2 hrs from Prescott there was all this smoke and Betty was pulling really hard up a hill and then she just went dead. We called AAA to get a tow and then found out that the transmission went out!!! And had no choice but to have Aamco put in a new one. That one day trip cost up about $4,000.00 that's the transmission and rental car.
The next time we needed to do work on the transmission was about a year later, it went out again but this time it was still under warranty so it didn't cost anything but the rental car for a week.

Fix #3~ we made a road trip to Idaho for Labor day and took a friend with us. While we were in St. Maries, hubby's hometown we put in a new radiator, the size it should have been which was 4x bigger than the one that was in it (that's why it took us so long to get from AZ to ID).

Fix #4~took another road trip to CA for business for hubby. On our way home, can you guess what I am going to say??? That's right it was the transmission again. So another call to AAA and Aamco. It took about a week for them to fix the problem, we were stuck in some little town in CA in the mts in the winter when we had only packed for a week. I was pissed. So we were stuck for 2 weeks with no car. So let's see that's a new transmission (under warranty), a hotel room for a 2 weeks, a rental car for 2 days, and a plane ticket to get home and back. Oh wait I forgot we did get Betty back but then on our way to get the trailer that we had, in the city we got stuck in, the transmission went out about 2 hr after we got Betty back that's why we ended up flying back.

I love Betty but she is just a drain on our $$. Hubby says that once I get a car (yeah) Betty will be used mainly for camping, which is great cuz then we don't need a tent when w go, lol. We've already slept in it once so it's not that bad it's actually about the same size as our bed now so it won't be that cramped.
Ok I think I'm done ranting/raving about getting a new car.