Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What is she thinking?

Last week a new mom showed up for Story Hour, I've seen her once before but that was a couple of months ago so I don't really remember her name. Well she was talking to another mom about SAHM and working moms and how it wrong for working moms to tell SAHM that they are stupid for no working, blah blah blah. She was loud about it and seemed to want to make sure that all of us heard what she had to say. Well needless to say she rubbed me the wrong way. Well she was there Tues as well and seemed to have an opinion about everything that people said. There were only 3 of us there and not all of the conversations were directed towards her. Savie and PJ were being loud and wanted to run around so I took them in the other room so they could without a chance of one of them falling on the 2 babies that were there, hers and a nanny who both have 8 month olds. I even closed the door so they could be loud without disturbing the rest of the library. What does she do???? She comes in and sits down in the middle of the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello?!?!?!? did you not get the hint?? I took the kids out of the room so you wouldn't be in the way and what do you do?? You put yourself in the way. We read one story and then it was time fr the musicians. They sung a bunch of songs about animals and when we got to 'Old McDonald' she made a comment about knowing a version that's not very kid friendly or animal friendly. Why would you say that??? Why bring it up if you can't sing it in front of 2yr????
I don't understand this woman. She had a comment for everything and everyone. Maybe I'm missing something but I think she's reaching for something.