Monday, April 2, 2007

Holidays and other things

With Easter next week and we just got a card in the mail for Savie from an Auntie, it's got me thinking about this again. How do you tell family members not to send candy to your kids??

We have no family in the state, at least not ones we are talking to, so the only way to stay in touch with them is to call them or send cards. I love this one Aunt, she is very big into scrapbooking and makes her own cards so every card is very personal and i love them. But the down side is she has sent candy in the last 2 cards she has sent to Savie. Valentine's day and now Easter. But she's not the only one, my mother has done it to, so it's not like his side of the family is doing things that I don't like, it's across the board. Do I send them a card back saying thank you for the beautiful card but please don't send candy anymore? Savie would really like to have stickers/books/whatever? How do I do this and be nice about it?