Sunday, April 15, 2007

What kind of parent are you?

I was reading the latest issue of Parents and came across an article about parents, "Totally Rude Parents" and it got me to thinking, what kind of parent am I? Am I one of these parents? And if so which one? And is it right of me to decide which one I am?

I know that I'm not the 'competitive' or 'expert' or 'selfish' mom or 'oblivious' one but am I the 'lax' one or maybe 'the wimpy' one? Am I a lax mom because I don't hover over my child at the library/park/gym? I don't think I'm a wimpy mom I do punish her if she's not behaving in public. I tried to get the article to link but no such luck so check it out and get back to me, let me know "how rude are you?"