Wednesday, April 4, 2007


What did I do today? That is a loaded question. I thought I did a lot yesterday but it's only 1:30p now and I've done more today then I did yesterday.
Since hub didn't clean up the spilled apple juice she spilled in the bathroom 2 days ago, which he told me about while I was in the shower, I needed to mop the floor. And since I needed to mop the floor, I might as well mop the kitchen and the hallway. And since I was going to go thru all of that I might as well give Halley a bath (my dog). And since I was giving her a bath then I need to clean the whole bathroom. See what I mean?? A+B+C+D+= a lot of cleaning. Which then got me a little sidetracked from making dinner plans and here's why........

now that I am working I need to get more organized. I need to plan out meals for the week, not just dinner but also lunch so I can get things together ahead of time. I have dinner ready for tonight, lunch for myself for the next couple of days, I have an idea of what they will have for dinner considering that dinner tonight is pretty big so tonight and tomorrow are taken care of. Then I need to think about Friday and Saturday. What to do what to do.