Thursday, April 12, 2007

13 Thirteen #2

13 Things I love about people while standing in line
  1. Standing in line they like to play with the kids in front of the
  2. They are willing to give them some change to help them out
  3. they have very little patience
  4. wait until the last minute to pull out their wallets
  5. the younger couples fight over who's going to pay
  6. the younger kids always want candy
  7. the kids are just cute
  8. the older ones want to have a conversation with you even though they hold up the line
  9. they think your not listening to their conversations
  10. they don't realize just how loud they are
  11. usually don't pay attention to you (the cashier) when they are in a hurry
  12. want to be in and out 5 minutes ago
  13. there will always be more of them