Monday, April 9, 2007

DWTS~ week 4

ok Joey can really dance!!!! I mean that was a great dance but I have a feeling that Clyde is not going to make it out of this week. He's doing the same thing that Master P did when he was on there, walking thru everything. I understand that there is a height difference and everything but you can at least try and look at your partner. Billy Ray even did great, it was such a difference to go from Clyde's dance to his and see the passion and the effort mainly, in his dance. Leeza looked a little stiff she lost her inner 'tramp' somewhere, lol. Heather's waltz was beautiful and I thought that Ian did a great job on his dance to. I didn't see Laila's dance but who picked that music?? I couldn't get past that, it was annoying to hear such a patriotic song used that way it just didn't seem right. Well I am off to vote.