Monday, April 2, 2007


I love this show. I can't dance, well that's not true but that's besides the point, I love to watch other people so and especially celebrities embarrass themselves. Last season I was pulling for Emmett Smith the whole season from week one but this season I don't know who I wan to win so lets run down the list of celebs.

Laila Ali~ great boxer with a kinda deep voice. I saw her dance tonight and she was good. It was a Bond song so I loved it, she was very into her character.

Billy Ray Cyrus~ He's a little stiff but he's trying, you can really see that he's trying it's so cute.

Clyde Drexler~ He's a little stiff to but I think it's the height difference between him and his partner.

Joey Fatone~ ok after being in 'NSYNC guess I expect him to be better then some of the other dancers. But he's been good. I was impressed with his last 2 dances, he's fun to watch.

Shandi Finnessey~ nothing to say her, don't know her and didn't see her dance this week.

Leeza Gibbons~ Old, I love the fact that she flashed everyone on camera!!!!! That was just funny. and I think he was right that Janet is wondering why she got in so much trouble when she did it a few years ago.

Heather Mills~ She was great! I love the fact that she got away with wearing tennis shoes even though Master P got such hell for that.

Apolo Anton Ohno~ He was great!!!!!!!!He may think that he isn't a dancer but he's great.

John Ratzenberger~ Hey it's Norm?? ok had to say that. He's pretty good, just like Jerry last season. I think he's got a couple more weeks in him.

Ian Ziering~ He was cracking me up with the butt shaking thing. He has it n him to get close to the final.

Like I said I can't call a clear favorite just yet so check back if you like the show.