Sunday, April 8, 2007

It's Easter, hope everyone had fun

Well Easter has come and gone and what do we have to sow for it?? A bunch of colored eggs in the fridge and stickers all over the house. I wish my computer was taking my pictures so I could show you guys what we had. I have been getting a lot of food from our Co-op so hen I saw that they had goose eggs coming for Easter I thought that would be so cool for Savie to have on her first real Easter so I got a few and since I am not, at least I'm trying really hard not to, give her candy I bought stickers to cut up to put in some plastic eggs also for her. My plan was to boil and dye the eggs on Sat. so she could help me and have that whole experience but things just did not work out that way. By the time I got her down for a nap I was ready for one to but I still needed to boil the eggs and Mike was out with his friend so I had no choice but to stay awake and boil the eggs, even though I had to work last night. I told him when he got home that I would take care of the eggs when i got home from work and not worry about it. Besides I forgot to buy vinegar so he couldn't really dye the eggs with her later on anyways (besides I knew he was to tired to do it and I would just have a bigger mess to clean up when I got home)

So I left and went to work hoping that I could buy vinegar at the store and not have to get up early or something. No such luck I couldn't find any in Wal~mart before my shift and the grocery store across the street was packed there was no way that I could get in and buy just the vinegar and get back to the store in 15 min!!!!!! So when I got home at 1am, yes that's right I said 1 am, I dyed the eggs, cut up stickers and then hid everything so when I got up today I could hid them in the backyard. Thankfully I had already told mike the plan so he let me sleep in, which is great seeing as I didn't go to bed until almost 3am.

Well the princess was just a little hyper and I only slept until 7:30 maybe. She was bouncing off the walls and just seemed so ready to go do something so I got dressed, after a couple of sips of coffee, and went outside (on a very windy/cold morning surprisingly) and hid her eggs. Oh did I mention that I had to hide eggs for Mike to? He wanted me to do a dozen eggs besides the goose eggs that I did for Savie so I told him that he needed to find them if I was going to go thru the trouble of boiling them. It was so cute. Savie was so happy/excited to go look for them. I really need to figure out why the computer isn't taking my pictures. As much as I would have liked them to come out better they didn't. She was just moving to fast for me so there are a lot of shots that are from behind or the side of her. But other than that it was a good first Easter for her. She got lots of stickers, did a great job finding all of her eggs, and of course had a lot fun.