Friday, April 20, 2007

I need a new car

well, not new but new to me. I have an 83 Chevy Suburban that's diesel. Here's the list of problems with it

  • the passenger windows don't work, which kinda sucks during the summer
  • the heater/cooler doesn't really cool/heat the back seat
  • the cooler in the back of the vehicle doesn't work in my opinion, just makes a lot of noise
  • the glow plugs don't work so I have to spray to start it, every time
  • it has a leak in the transmission line
  • leak in the oil line
  • no washer fluid for the windows
  • can run without the key being in it, but it needs the key to start

Now this is a tough vehicle don't get me wrong but there are days when I can't stand driving it. It's loud and smokey, I can hear it coming from a block away literally, so I know when I go over to other people's house they can hear me coming it's embarrassing. So on any given day I know that people in my neighborhood know when I'm leaving, coming home, etc.

Well yesterday I was leaving to go to work and was backing out of the driveway like always, looking behind me since we live right at the curve of the road and sometimes people fly around it, when all of a sudden I hear creeeeeeaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! The stupid wind blew the gate closed just as I pulled out. I hit the gate.........again. Yes that's right I said again. About 3 months ago I hit the post itself but this time I hit the gate so now you have to pick up the stupid gate to open/close it and what is the damage to the Suburban, nothing much just a dent in the side panel.

But about 5 hrs before that Savie and I went to the grocery store and just after I pulled into the parking lot I have a flat tire, a totally flat tire, not just low, but flat. This is nothing like when I blew the tire in Douglas when I knew I ran over something, no this is just the weirdest feeling something not being right with my tires. I know that having a new car I would probably still have these problems but hopefully not all in the same day.