Wednesday, August 29, 2007

5 times is one time to many

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Doesn't she look like she's a smart dog? Like she wouldn't get into to much trouble? Wrong!! She has been sprayed 3 times by skunks, twice in one week, and all before we left CA. Then again here in AZ while Mike had her out in the woods camping, ha ha on him. Well last night was number 5.

We've had a skunk problem here for about a month. There has been one here at least once or twice a week but the bad part is that they have been going under the house. Yuck just picture that. This little thing walking up and down the driveway and not being able to do anything about it.

Last night I pulled in and checked to make sure that it wasn't in the driveway, again then let Halley out so she could potty before I went in the house. I turned my back on her to close the gate and that's when it happened. She took off and grabbed the skunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that's right. Halley was sprayed again and it was to late to go to the store to get Baking soda. (I found a really great recipe that works better than tomato paste/juice) so I left her outside with her blanket and water, took a shower myself, ate a little and then went to bed so I could go to the store as soon as they opened at 6am.I will be drinking coffee today for sure, or maybe just have an energy drink or two.