Thursday, August 16, 2007

So Abby is gone, she was the only hairless left out of the pack that we found, as I said in the lat post but in the sale my friend Kerrie got 3 more hairless that are 4 weeks old and huge!!!!!! I'm trying to go over there tomorrow and get picture of all the puppies that are left.

I have to go to the Dr.'s on Friday for a stupid allergic reaction to some bug bites. My legs are swelling and they itch really bad. I mean it's to the point that I'm thinking about taking sleeping pills just so I can sleep. My arms are getting bad to. I went last week, before going to Vegas, and I get some meds then bu that was only enough for a week. This is just got to stop. I don't like taking meds but that's what i need right now.