Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Holidays

Yes the holidays are here, a time for everyone to feel closer to the ones they love, to spread the cheer of the season, blah blah blah.

Now before you think that I'm some kinda of Scrooge stop and think about it for a minute.
~Why is that at the end of the year we suddenly feel it necessary to be kind to people?
~This is the time that everyone wants to 'give' to others for the sake of giving?
~We put up lights to show our 'Holiday cheer' and be 'festive'? (even if we go overboard and look like something out of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation)

It's not that different from my feelings on Valentine's day, but we will get to that later. This is when we want to be close to family not because of the holiday but because society has we have to. I want to be close to my family all the time, and I will get to see some of my family pretty soon yeah for me!!! A lot of people over do their house's in decorations and presents and food and then there are people who are looked at as hating Christmas because they don't go all out for the holiday but want to stay with their family and keep it low key.
That's where I am right now, wanting to keep things low key. That's what Thanksgiving was for us. It was just the 3 of us, turkey/stuffing/football. That's it, simple and sweet. There was no need to have everything prefect and looking just right when it's just the 3 of us, why am I trying to impress someone whose not here?
Now let me get back to the joy of the season.

I have not even started to get the presents for my own child but i have the presents for my niece and nephew in CA, who I am going to see in a few days, but I still need to wrap them before we leave because you know that just doesn't look right if I show up with them unwrapped. But it will be nice to see some of my family again. The only problem is they are all spread out that it would take a week to see everyone, lol. But I will be seeing a few people, I just wish that I had time to see my friend, K, who just had her 3rd baby so she is once again outnumbered in the house. 2 boys and a girl.

I have just gone off on such a ramble about the holidays but I am wishing everyone a happy and safe one, that they are simple plans that are enjoyed by everyone with as little stress as possible.