Friday, November 14, 2008

Catch up Friday

I know, not really a good title but it will have to do. I am a little tired so forgive me. I have been trying to meal plan for the week. Some weeks it works, some weeks it doesn't. I really want to to have a plan for the week but it's a little hard when hubby doesn't tell me what he's doing for the week( i.e. deer camp, working out of town for the week, etc) so I can plan accordingly. I try to make a pizza on Friday. It's fast, simple, and good. I thought I had extra pizza crust in the fridge but I didn't but I knew I had a couple of other things. I finally decided to try and make this but they didn't quite come out the way the recipe said but they were still good. I will definitely make these again just not the same way.

How was your Friday? What did you do?