Monday, October 13, 2008

I am going to hurt tomorrow

Since it was my day off and I've been reading this book, I really wanted to get up and get some stuff done before I left the house. I really want us to stay on schedule, especially since we usually have a hard time getting out the door on time for school. So this morning before we left I swept and moped the hall and the bathroom, wiped down the toilet and washed one load of clothes. I put another load in to start washing while I walked Savie to school and then walked another mile to the bank with Halley. Great walk. It was a little chilly when we left for school but by the time I headed back to school it was nice and warm (really glad I didn't take a jacket). I stopped at school to see if Savie wanted to come home but it was almost lunch time so we headed to the hospital for lunch. After lunch I came home to get Max our new rabbit, to bring back to school to show the 3 kids that were there. But had an unfortunate thing happen on the way back to school. I don;t really want to talk about it but lets just say that the police had to be called and 2 dogs are on their way to the pound. I know my legs are going to hurt tomorrow so I hope that I can do ballet class tomorrow. Wish me luck.