Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend wrap-up

This has been a nice quiet weekend. Friday all of us, yes I said all of us, went to the football game. Savie missed a good game because she fell asleep on daddy. I knew that would happen since he kept tying to make her sit down during the game, I don't make her do that because I know that when she stops playing she's going to crash on me. But that's ok, she got a good nights sleep in. I stayed and watch the Puma's pull the game out and come back to win.
It was a rough game and one player on the other team got thrown out of the game because of a flagrant foul, a face mask, he nearly pulled it off the poor kids head. After that it was ok, even though it looked like the couch came out to defend the kid.
Saturday was the Farmer's Market. It was a little slow that day and I had to hurry since we were planning on going out to Gleeson later in the day. Got a few things at the market then walked over to the football game for the little ones. I was going to watch a little bit of one game but ten we saw P so we stayed to watch him cheer. He's so cute, he's the only boy on the cheerleader team. I wish I could remember how old he is, I think he's 7 or 8 yr old. After watching the first half of the game Savie and I headed home so we could head out with hubby. It was a family trip, even Halley got to go, even if she did have to stay in the car the whole time. The place we went to had a couple of horses and burro's running loose (fun).

So that's my weekend, what did you do?