Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am to nice

I really am, I think. A friend went out of town for a few days and asked me if I would be so nice (ha ha) as to house/fur baby sit for her. I said sure, I've been over to her house enough time that it wasn't a big deal. i know all of the animals (yes I said all of them) and their personalities. And of course I asked her to write everything down, you know how much each animals gets feed, when, who needs to be let out, meds if any, etc. And of course keys. Well she did all of that, came over and gave me keys and left me a list at her house for their care. When I went over the first night, afternoon really, to feed and water everyone only to find out...wait for it.....that the one of the keys didn't work. I called her several times but got no answer because of the area she is in. I finally had to just not get in that night. When I finally got a hold of her, the next morning, she realized that she had given me the wrong key!!!!! So I had a choice, brake the door or find a window.

Once I was in (don't ask me how) I had to move things around( in a small space) so I could bring some bags in, then bring Savie in. It was not a good day. She was not happy, I was sore and hot. There was just no getting around it. I don't understand why you would leave for a couple of days and not take out the garbage and wash all of your dishes. I can't go to the mountains for the weekend without doing that. I don't want to come home to the smell of garbage going bad or the see all those dishes in the sink. It's just crazy. I can't feed some of the animals because their bowls are dirty and in the sink!!!!!!! So twice today I've washed dishes (I know that I don't need to but it bugs me) plus it cuts down on the flies. Trust me, doing something like this is minor in this house. There are so many things wrong in this house that I am not going to get started on it.

So here's the deal, I am hurting myself getting into her house to take care of everyone but that should end on Friday when the key gets here!! Lets hope that it's the right one. Then I can clean the animals up, let some out, and get some fresh air in. I am way to nice.