Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am not prefect

I have never said, or thought, that anyone was perfect or had a prefect life. My thinking is when everything is prefect that's when it's over.

I think that some of the other moms that I spend time with (I think I've outgrown the phrase "hang out with") think that Savie is close to prefect. Not that they would ever day it but maybe it's me reading to much into their looks. Savie is by no means a prefect child. She has her days where she is clingy, whining, grumpy, rude, or just bad in a general way. Yesterday was one of those days. They happen. It's just a matter of how you deal with it, in my opinion. My thinking is how you react to a situation is how your child reacts to it as well. If you are clam and assertive, put on a brave front, then your child will have the confidence to do it. If you are upset and mad and angry, not happy about what is going on then they will act the same. I know it sounds weird but it's like dog training (I know it sounds kinda bad that way). But after watching a lot of Dog Whisperer, I've come to the conclusion that me being calm and going with the flow in most situations has helped Savie be confident.

We usually do stuff just the two of us when we are not at school and some of the other moms seemed surprised that she is, for example, ok about going on the rides at the fair by herself. We missed our friends so she really had no choice but she was fine with that. She has learned to make the best of her situation. Sure I would rather that she got to go on rides with a friend but you have to make do.

I started this post for a different reason but this will do. When I look at other families I know they are not prefect but they are having a prefect family moment.