Monday, March 12, 2007

50 Book Challenge~~book #3

I just started this and know that I can read 50 books in a year. Mom you know I can do this right? wink wink. I am a confirmed book-aholic. I have to have something to read and reading a magazine doesn't count for me, I need a novel, something that's over 300 pages preferably but I will read just about anything. The challenge for me is to read authors that I normally wouldn't. I'm pretty sure this will happen since my library doesn't have a big selection of the books I would normally read, i.e. Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Ann Rice, and they haven't written anything new in awhile except for Koontz. So now I have to either buy new books or try new authors.
The thing that I've noticed that I do is read everything that one author had written and then try to find something similar that's how I started with Dean Koontz. But this is suppose to be a book review so let me get to it.

I just finished "The Buffalo Soldier" by Chris Bohjalian. I didn't remember this author but I've read one of his other books, "The Midwives". I loved this book it was a great look at a family trying hard to stay together thru the death of their children, adopting another, and an affair. You see everything from a different persons perceptive and also gets snippets of the buffalo soldiers. Some may find it confusing but I liked the way it was written. (I was never good at giving book reports in school so forgive me if this sounds boring, ha.) I definitely recommend this book to others.