Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mom's night out.....kinda

I've known about this for a couple of weeks but it took everything I had to make myself go out tonight. I should have been happy but the truth of it..... I hated it. I hate going out now. I don't know if it's because I have no friends here or what but this was just torture for me. But it was a little fun. One of the other moms, Danielle, is in a band The Green Machine, and they were playing at Hot Licks tonight. I know D can sing, she sang at my wedding, so I wanted to hear her but there were just to many people there and there was only one other mom there that i knew. I was the first one to get there so of course the room got a little quiet when I walked, the only black person in the entire bar but i put on a brave face and ordered my drink and got a place to sit. After a few minutes M showed and then another and another mom. Moms supporting moms, it's great. Well I am off to bed, it's almost midnight and I'm getting tired I'll tell you more tomorrow.