Monday, March 12, 2007

Day 2 of Savie's fashion show

Last week we got a bag of clothes from my friend M. It was mostly skirts and dresses (which my mother knows I don't do very well) and I was hoping that with summer apporaching and the fact that we are still potty training, I was hoping that this would help. So day 1 was this outfit.

I love this little blue dress, and after trying on everything in the bag, 15 different items mind you, this is what she picked. I had no say in it this is all Savie.

Day 2

This is a blue jean skirt and a white sweater and yes, it's almost 80 degree's outside but that's what she wanted to wear. Again this is all Savie, I did nothing but tell her she needed a skirt or shorts or something to go with the top she picked out. What you can't see is she has on her favorite boots as well. It's day three for her but I haven't taken pictures of her but they will be coming.